Is Colon Cleansing a Scam or Not?

Posted by Jocelyn Jones on Monday 19 April 2010

For thousands of years, colon cleansing has been part of many cultures health regimens. Even though modern medicine is the accepted norm, colon cleansing is still used. So what’s the deal? Is it snake oil, a fad used by health nuts or a real option as part of a healthy lifestyle?

Advocates of colon cleansing claim they enjoy many health benefits. These include; weight loss, healthier looking, glowing skin and even disease prevention. Some claim that a cleansing diet can help your body get rid of accumulated environmental toxins associated with disease. Then others say we have to use colon cleansing supplements in order to receive the true benefits.

Skeptics of colon cleansing claim it is dangerous. Some say it can cause comas or even death. Other skeptics claim that anyone trying to sell colon cleansing supplements are only in it for the money.

With all the controversy, what are we to believe? Could colon cleansing and its proponents be demons in disguise trying to dupe you out of your money? Or it is the cure that we need? Before we make a decision, we should start by researching the facts.

See how environmental toxins really affect your body

While skeptics are claiming that colon cleansing is merely a scam, let’s have a look at the mainstream form of treatment. As far as con-men and money, we have to recognize the fact that pharmaceutical companies claim billions of dollars every year in profit. This profit would not be available unless millions upon millions of people weren’t sick. So, on this side of the argument, you could say that they were making money off the backs of sick people.

Along with this, a poll conducted by the NPSF (National Patient Safety Foundation), sponsored by the American Medical Association and CNI (an insurance provider) found that over 100 million Americans have been directly or indirectly affected by a medical mistake. Yet no deaths have been caused by colon cleansing to this day.

In researching colon cleansing facts, you have to sort through the various options used. Some proponents use supplements and others say you must use colonics. Some say that you only need change your diet while others argue if this is cleansing the body or detoxing.

This diversity happens to be another basis for the skeptics to claim their hoax theory, which seems to be valid when you consider some of the top colon cleansing websites. For example, one website gives you step-by-step instructions of how to cleanse. The first step happens to be, “Order a 3 Month Supply” of the supplement they make commission from. With “information” like this, no wonder the skeptics abound!

If we look at the facts of colon cleansing we find an interesting argument. First of all, it is not illegal and does not involve drug use, or pharmaceuticals. This alone eliminates a variety of side-effects. The most important argument, however, it is not known to cause death.

Modern science is helping us decipher fact from fiction. Surprisingly, some old wives tales are being proven to be true such as; chicken soup helps you heal from the common cold and fish is brain food. So, it is being proven that nutrition is a viable health option. Scientific research is also proving that the average American’s blood contains some 180 different environmental toxins.

I believe the evidence if favor of colon cleansing is strong. I say this because nutrition is proven, toxins are proven to be building up in the human body, supplements seem to be safe and the standard medical option is just plain scary.

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