My first Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxing

Posted by admin on Saturday 6 June 2009

My experience with my first colon Hydrotherapy and detoxing.
The natural path I saw is

She has some nice soy candles and herbs as well.

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19 Responses to “My first Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxing”


    Best of success … Best of success with this, your 6th, Master Cleanse. Whatever you decide to put in your mouth after that is up to you…of course you already know that. May our decisions lead us closer to optimal health. Peace dear Nuru305. All the best. :)

  2. Nuru305

    Right now I’m doing … Right now I’m doing the master cleanse again. I did go back to the meat but I’ve been slowly winding off of it. I corporating more fish. I red meat is rarely part of my diet. But I’m really trying to get off the meat.


    Master Cleanse 4 … Master Cleanse 4 times without a glitch? AWESOME! What are you doing THESE days foodwise?

  4. videolver2

    does it cause you … does it cause you to have diarraha?

  5. CutiePieZphi

    good for u queen! … good for u queen! I’m gonna get one soon

  6. Nuru305

    No, just regular … No, just regular water.

  7. Chaosnthebigscene

    salt water is part … salt water is part of the colon therapy?

  8. blackberrykisss

    i think you are … i think you are amazing for doing the master cleanse. ive tried it but i didnt last past a day. what got me was the salt water. how did you manage to drink that awful stuff? hope your detox works and you become healthier.

  9. truthislove911

    Nuru, I really … Nuru, I really admire your ambition to be a healthy wife. I think it says alot about your character and the way that you handle things. I also think its great that you are including your husband too. Having good health is a family affair; and I just wanted to say that I think you are brave and can do anything that you set out to do. Good luck with your program.

  10. paxro

    nice fro! nice fro!

  11. etonwetonw

    Try Raw Food. Look … Try Raw Food. Look up David Wolfe and Raw Food. Vegetables are good for breakfast, esp green leafy vegetables.

  12. Nuru305

    I was eating melons … I was eating melons in the morning, like water melon,cantalope and honeydew

  13. Beautifulcutie09

    what type of fruit … what type of fruit was it that was raising your suger level

  14. genipha4life

    Good for you! … Good for you! Thanks for sharing. I have had it….its great!

  15. Nuru305

    Thanks Floeva, I’ve … Thanks Floeva, I’ve done the rawfood a few time but I only manage to make it through 2 weeks. But I’m going to keep trying.

  16. floeva

    Hey Nuru305,
    I’ve … Hey Nuru305,
    I’ve done the Master cleanse. Now I’m trying the Raw Food…I’also trying to get in better health. Good luck, stay strong…:)

  17. Najahface

    hey I like that … hey I like that allowance. Hope you like it.

  18. Nuru305

    Hey why not it can … Hey why not it can always be extra money and free for yourself.
    I will have to check her out at the library. I’ve been buying a lot of books lately trying to build up my library on African history and I’ve been put on restriction. But I’m allowed to get your book this week. lol!

  19. Najahface

    hey girlie. You … hey girlie. You know i was interested in becoming a practioner in colon cleansing. There are some classes that i could take. Also i thought about getting it. I am going to take a look at her website. Also i was reading Fast Trak Detox Diet by Dr. Louise Gittleman. She even has recipes for the the week before you do the juice fast. Check her out.

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