Natural Colon Cleansing Techniques and the Colon Cleansing Diet

Posted by admin on Saturday 18 July 2009

Colon cleansing is also known as detoxification. Everything we ingest forms toxins in our bodies and over time, those toxins can build up, causing health concerns. If youre suffering from acne, headaches, candida, constipation, weight gain, or even general fatigue, toxin buildup could be to blame. Colon cleansing can remedy these ailments and leave you feeling refreshed and at the top of your game.

The colon is a portion of the large intestine that leads from the cecum to the rectum. This organ is not responsible for digestion. Digestion is handled by the small intestine. The colon is responsible for storing waste, absorbing water back into the body, aiding in maintaining water balance and participating in electrolyte balance.

An unhealthy colon can spark a chain reaction effect throughout all the other organs of the body. For example, a colon problem can cause the liver to malfunction, which creates problems with the kidneys and so forth. Eventually, the entire body is underperforming, leaving an opportunity for colds, illness, disease, and fatigue to set in. This is in addition to the ill effects caused by poor water and electrolyte balance alone!

Our diet isnt the only thing contributing to colon health. Toxins in our environment can lead to toxin buildup in the body as well. Secondhand smoke, air pollution from factories, pesticides and chemicals wreak havoc on the body by causing the immune system to work extra hard to rid these toxins from the body.

There are colon cleansing products commercially available, however, natural colon cleansing is possible using a special colon cleansing diet and other natural colon cleansing products. Natural colon cleansing is the safest and most affordable way to rid your body of toxin buildup. If you choose to purchase a commercial product from a supermarket or drug store, be sure youre choosing natural colon cleansing products.

One natural method is colonic hydrotherapy, otherwise known as colonic irrigation, a holistic method of colon cleansing. The practice uses low pressure water to irrigate and cleanse the colon, liver, kidney, and lymphatic systems. It is most safely administered by a trained colonic hydrotherapist. A less thorough procedure can be conducted at home using products such as enemas. These products irrigate the lower colon and rectum, but not the entire liver, kidney, and lymphatic systems, although some benefits are seen with the use of these over-the-counter colonic irrigation products.

The concept of colonic hydrotherapy has been around for centuries, and the technique has been perfected in modern times through the use of high-tech equipment. Many high-profile celebrities are regular visitors to colon hydrotherapy clinics. The procedure, which uses temperature controlled water, is a gentle and relaxing experience that flushes the colon of toxins that would otherwise re-enter the blood stream, causing fatigue and illness.

Those who have experienced the renewed sense of rejuvenation offered by a colon cleanse often choose to follow a colon cleansing diet on a regular basis to reduce the amount of toxins that build up in the area. A colon cleansing diet involves reducing the intake of toxins in the body to delay the buildup and resulting ill effects. An effective colon cleansing diet includes high fiber foods, lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, plenty of fluids (water and fresh fruit juice) and healthy oils, such as fish oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, known to be good for heart health.

Foods to avoid in a colon cleansing diet are processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and foods containing a lot of sugar, such as cookies and cakes. The benefits of a colon cleansing diet are many, with healthier looking skin, more energy, better weight management, improved mental health, and reduced pain and other ailments topping the list.

If youve been feeling sluggish, suffering from frequent mild illnesses, frequent headaches, aches and pains, or even chronic disease, its worth your time to try colon cleansing. At Megavista Health, we focus on positive, holistic health and nutrition. You owe it to yourself to give your body a chance to function at its best, so take action today to find a natural colon cleansing method that works for you!

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