Natural IBS Treatments

Posted by admin on Tuesday 22 September 2009

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic disorder characterized by recurrent abdominal pain and intermittent diarrhea, which often alternates with constipation. IBS most commonly affects people between the ages of 20 and 30 and is twice as common …

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  1. jackie

    What are some natural treatments for chronic ear infections in dogs?My dog has had chronic yeast infections in his ears for years. My vet has given me tons of different drops, antibiotics, etc. but nothing works. The infection will go away for a few weeks and then come back. Are there any "natural" treatments?

  2. KoAussie

    Many times these are the result of a food allergy. Have you tried changing foods, in particular to a grain free food?References :

  3. Bonzie12

    There are none. INFECTION needs antibiotics to clear it up. The word chronic means recurring so yes they will come back and yes you will have to continue to get antibiotics from your vet for this problem.References :

  4. Dogzzz

    Diet change plus appropriate antibiotic for an adequate length of time, followed by weekly use of Zymox cleanser. The Zymox products are enzyme-based, and kind of "eat" yeasts, bacteria, ear debris and whatever other junk is in there. It is the best stuff ever! You do not want to combine either the Zymox cleanser or Zymox Otic (a stronger formula for treatment of minor infections) with antibiotics, since the antibiotics will "kill" the enzymes. I purchase Zymox products from , and you can sometimes buy them at vets’ offices.References :

  5. catkeypurr

    The best treatment in the world is feeding a high quality, grain free food.
    If you cannot afford to do that then at least avoid corn, wheat, barley & brewer’s rice. You also need to avoid artificial colorings, preservatives & dyes.

    Chronic ear infections are a signal that your dog has sensivities or allergies & the most likely culprit is the fillers in his food.

    You also need to clean the ears with a generous squirt of cleaner inside the ear canal followed by a massage to the base of the ears before the dog shakes it out. Do that after each bath, swim or once a week- more often in humid weather or when the ears are infected.

    Best wishes!References : Retired tech.

  6. T

    Yogurt and vinegar/alcohol didn’t work for my dog. The liquid just kept the infection going and the alcohol seemed to make her sick. Try garlic salt. It’s quick and easy to use and works within a week (3 days for my dog and hasn’t come back in a month so far). Just sprinkle a generous pinch of the powder in their inner ear at night and if necessary massage into infected areas of the ear-flap a few times each day. Labs are bad about getting yeast infections because they love getting in the water, so lab owners should stock up on cheap/effective garlic salt.References : I found this. Google you will find it. Good luck

  7. cat & jo

    I’m guessing there are things that are contributing to your dog continuing to get these infections despite treatment. You might want to start your dog on a raw diet, but get a grinder for the raw meaty bones. Some sensitive dogs tend to throw up if their raw meaty bones aren’t ground. Chicken Backs are easier to grind. Here is a site that has a great mentor:

    I have three dogs. They’ve been on the raw diet and did great when their rmb’s were ground, but it was too hard for me to keep up with as we have three large dogs and limited freezer, fridge space. They eat Nature’s Recipe Venison and Rice and do great with that. But in addition to that, they get a human grade fish oil capsule each. They like to eat them as is. We are also very careful about what treats they get to eat. Junk treats, most store bought treats can irritate a skin condition.
    I have one dog that would get skin problems and ear infections (yeast) when she was on other foods and without the fish oil cap added. At one point, for financial reasons, we downgraded to a food that had corn and wheat in it and her skin problems/ear problems came right back.
    So diet is probably part of the problem.
    Ask your Vet if you can use the Monostat7 Cream for women in your dog’s ears. But consider diet to prevent recurrences.
    Once your dog is free from the yeast, keep the diet that is working and use one of those ear washes you can get at pet stores that has apple cider vinegar in it.
    If the condition is severe and your Vet says not to use the Monostat 7, ask about Zymox.References :

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