This is a lead from my website send in your lead today!

Thanks Felipe for the lead, these people are email spammers typing to sell their Colon Cleansing pills.

Randall has some pretty intimate questions concerning this medicine, and his sexual habits.

Butch finished the call as usual 😉

Adult Language!

Duration : 0:8:23

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13 Responses to “Prank Call – Randall & Butch get a Colon Cleanse – Telemarketer Crank Call”

  1. iJoeLxX

    LMAO, I Love the … LMAO, I Love the Hutch and Randall Pranks xD

  2. imbored2

    makes a happy … makes a happy rectal.

  3. SynnAngel

    Lmfao, you should … Lmfao, you should have way more subscribers than Fred omfg your hilarious!

    I love Butch the most he gets so angry but when he does it’s funny!

  4. T3HxSL4Y3R

    BUTCH!!! ROFL!!! BUTCH!!! ROFL!!!

  5. meck4play

    im a telemarketer.. … im a telemarketer..and i v been cursed and shout at a lot of times and im really having fun..and i want to call you…and i want you to post it here in youtube.. i dont speak very fluently and we are based here in asia so i guess its goin to be fun…so can you post your number? or you can just send it to my inbox

  6. killercow22292

    LOL When you hear … LOL When you hear Butch say “Oh good!” in the background you know all is going to break loose. XD

  7. L4ionh4rt

    you guys do call … you guys do call real telemarketers right? if so, then ur good, ur very good… and funny 😀

  8. AnbuVergil

    Uuuuuuh Anal … Uuuuuuh Anal leakage

    Rofl Win 😀

  9. K1ll3rM4st3r

    rofl too bad i … rofl too bad i never get these calls

  10. 1ex1uger

    I love the way … I love the way Butch’s laugh cracked up at the end

  11. JustinFromSydney

    hahaha hahaha

  12. EminemLove24

    “This is an oral … “This is an oral application?” Randall is sneaky :0)
    LOL good one!

  13. Grutch

    Wow, Robert doesn’t … Wow, Robert doesn’t seem to care about Randall at all. What a jerk.

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