Quit Smoking Free: What is The Important KEY?

Posted by admin on Saturday 10 October 2009

If you are one of these people, and is wondering “what is the success rate of using top smoking medications, or getting involved into a quit smoking program?” well it would not be right to give an exact answer. First of all, programs have different t…

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  1. <3

    Serious question about quitting smoking…sorry really long….but please read/help?ok so in august, myself, mom & fiance all made a pack that we would have our last ciggerette on august 21st. we promised that if we were bugging out and felt we just really wanted one we would come to eachother and really try to talk eachother out of it.

    a month goes by and at a party i found out that my fiance had "slipped" and smoked one with his friends. i went to go kiss him a couple of minutes later and smelt it on his breathe..and lets just say i was really really upset.

    its very important to me to quit, and i really told myself i was 100 percent done. and i really hated the fact that he had done it behind my back after the promise i told you about before. He told me that he knew i would get upset and that he would really be able to have one with out going back and that it was alot harder for me..
    i was really hurt.

    so in the back of my head..for a while anyway i felt i couldnt trust him with smoking at i would watch him to see if he was smoking when he was hangin out with his friends and i was with mine (all the same circle of friends)

    so i was geting over it you know, trying to just forget it and move on (bc i really just have to)

    then last week i was talking to my mom and she wreeked of smoke…..i said mom are you smoking again? she denies..im like ma i smell it…i used to smoke remember…so she told me she got in a big fight w my grandmother, and slipped…and by split i really mean like she kinda is back to it…maybe not full force but…she is.

    im just so upset.. i dont want her to get sick..and she broke the promise as well…

    this is so important to me and ive been smoke free for 4 going on 5 months..

    when i confronted my mom about the smoking she got so mad at me and told me to mind my business and a bunch of hurtfull things.

    im just so upset. i feel like promises mean sh*t and i dont get it. i feel betrayed and i really dont want my mom to get sick..i need her to quit i dont know what to do…

    as for my fiance he hasnt smoked he felt really bad he did it. and besides the one slip hes been smoke free for almost 5 months too

    i really just dont know how to talk to mom about it…we havent talked to a couple days bc its been weird…shes very stuborn and says things that are hurtful. and usually i have to start talking to her bc its hard for her to appologize..but this time im just so hurt, for the fact she went behind my back and the fact she broke a promise.

    i dont know what to do. and how to talk to her..

    also my grandfather died of lung cancer and my grandmother has it(both and my mothers side)

    and i have bad anxiety and ocd, i so scared of her dying..i think about it ALOT

    please help

    thank you
    thank you stacy :)
    lolly poop….this is is serious im not lookin for you stupid ghetto answer..thanks..
    i just talked to her..thank you guys alot.
    we are okay now..we understand eachother thanks again!

  2. Stacy

    I have been smoke free for a year on January 11th. Congrats on your decision to quit, just remember we quit when we were ready. Nobody can force it on a person. As much as you love care and worry about your moms health, she has to quit when she is ready.

    If she has a computer maybe you can direct her to some of the quit sites out there. If she isn’t interested just remind her that you will be there to support her and help her through it when she is ready.References :

  3. lolly poop

    Okay HOLD ON you want to quit smoking thats fine but dont push other ppl bcause they have to want to do it themselves

    And your mother is right MIND YOUR BUISNESS and please stop being such a drama queen.. Like seriously how many times did you say you were really upset..

    Relax a bit take a chill pill .. I might get a big thumbs down from you and best question might be sum so and so agreeing with you telling you what you wanna hear.. I dont care though as long as Iv spoken the truth.. Relax girl …. we are all going to die smoke or no smoke .. believe me.. no ones getting out alive so shut up and leave the drama for the soaps.References :

  4. Kristee

    First of all quitting can be harder for some people than for others. My hubby will never quit and I know it. I recently quit and it wasn’t a huge trauma like it would be for him. Promises are important, but we are talking about ADDICTION here. People often times don’t quit smoking after they make promises, use a patch, take medication, or even receive a cancer diagnosis. My guess is they started smoking not long after your pact, but have managed to keep it from you until now. You seem old enough to handle yourself and make smart choices so the next thing is to understand that other people sometimes don’t make good choices and forcing it only strains the relationship. You are better off telling them how you feel and then dropping the subject altogether. Be a positive force in their lives, not a nagging voice.References :

  5. inverse_mushroom_cloud

    Smoking is as addictive as cocaine and heroin. You’ve done a great job sticking to your promise, and that’s what counts. You can’t make other people honor their promises. Some people are never strong enough to quit. They will pay the price one day though. Cancer, heart disease, emphysema, COPD, more colds and flu, higher risk of pneumonia … that’s just some of the bad stuff cigarettes cause.References :

  6. Shannon_TEXAS

    Congrats on quitting!! You and I both quit on the same day. I chose this day b/c it was my daughters 7th b-day. My husband quit b4 me on my other daughters b-day (august 3rd) He did not pressure me to quit at all, but more likely became a influence. I stop b/c he did. Now I have 3 friends that are quitting to. Now needless to say my husband started smoking again because in Oct. our home had burned down and was a complete loss, and on top of that 6 weeks later he got demoted from his job b/c of the economy. (he works in the oil field). So his stress was very high because we had lost everything then had to start over and buy a new home and he couldn’t help it. he did hide it from me also, but I knew and then he came clean. he did promise to quit again when things do get better. AHH, so my point is hang in there, some people take more time then others, and we are all aloud to make mistakes. Hope all works out for you, and again congrats…sorry so long..lolReferences :

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