Renew Life, Fiber35 Diet, ColonFit Cleansing Formula (60 Capsules) - Ayurvedic Formulas

Good bowel function is essential to maintaining a healthy body weight and cleansing and detoxifying the entire body. The Fiber35 Diet ColonFit supports healthy bowel function with a unique blend of all-natural ingredients. ColonFit is a gentle, lubricating, non-cramping colon cleanse formula that promotes healthy bowel elimination while cleansing and detoxifying the colon. The easy-to-swallow vegetable capsules contain aloe vera leaf and buckthorn, which together stimulate bowel movements without causing irritation or cramping. Magnesium hydroxide retains water in the bowel to prevent occasional constipation and maintain 2 to 3 healthy daily bowel movements.ColonFit also includes acacia, a natural soluble fiber and prebiotic. Prebiotics are fiber sources that nourish the beneficial bacteria in the intestine. An increase in the good bacteria population helps to maintain healthy colon function and reduce gas and bloating. Okra (also a prebiotic) helps to lubricate the colon and ease elimination. Triphala, a popular Indian ayurvedic formula, strengthens bowel contractions and tones the muscles of the colon. The combination of these ingredients helps to cleanse and detoxify the colon while supporting bowel health and strength.

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