The Best Colon Cleanser for Weight Loss Is…

Posted by Leslie Dillingham on Saturday 20 March 2010

With obesity on the rise, weight loss has become a major priority for many people. However, some believe that you need to find the best colon cleanser for weight loss to be effective.

No matter which one of the many diets available you decide to use, it may not be successful if your colon is not clean. Colon cleansing gets rid of toxins and stagnant waste on your colon wall.

Essentially, two ways exist for colon cleansing. Products are available, and you can choose a natural cleansing with water.

Products like laxatives, enemas, enzymes, herbal teas, powdered drinks, and anti parasite pills are all available. Many product are produced just for this process. Research those available and decide which one(s) you might like. Including drinking water and a fiber rich diet can also help, along with these products.

The natural colon cleansing process involves irrigating the colon with water. There are colon therapists who can do this process. Be sure that your therapist is licensed. The therapist will basically have you lie on a table, a gravity driven pump will then flush about 20 gallons of water into your colon by way of a tube inserted in the rectum. He may also massage your stomach while doing the process. Although the risks for this procedure are low when done properly, some risks are involved. Things like nausea, dizziness, cramps, and infections are all possibilities.

A combination of both products and a colonic are done by some people. Always check with your medical doctor before trying any method.

When your colon lacks cleanliness, your weight loss can be impeded. You can suffer from tiredness and fatigue. These cause you to exercise less which makes you lose less weight. Your bowel movements will not be regular, which will cause you to have more toxins. It can be a cycle with no end.

When the colon is clean, you will have more energy. This can help you to exercise more and lose more weight. Your food will digest faster and more efficiently, which can also aid in weight loss. Your endurance levels will also increase.

Finding the best colon cleanser for weight loss will be an individual decision. Whether you decide to use products, or have a water irrigation, or both is a decision only you can make. However, if you do have a clean colon, you may find that losing weight will become easier.

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