Lose Weight While Eating Anything

Posted by Cindy Papp on Sunday 25 April 2010

Dieting sucks because losing weight takes so long and downright hard. Traditional weight loss programs are not easy as many of us don’t have time to make the required foods nor do we have the energy to exercise. This along with hectic lifestyles are hard hurdles to jump.

So we look for the diet miracles to lose weight. Here are a couple. There is a pill that causes your body to not absorb any fat from the foods you eat. Sounds like a good thing, right? But, the pill does not tell the difference between good fat and bad fats.

Unfortunately, you need good fats, called EFA’s for good health. They keep your skin moist, you bones and joints supple and “oiled,” supply your brain with essential nutrients and help balance your hormones. A deficiency of these good fats may lead to depression, loose, sagging skin and possible internal inflammation. Probably not a good idea.

The next miracle weight loss solution is to take a pill for your hormones. Maybe you have heard of this solution… take this pill to regulate your thyroid. So you do, and you’re still fat, so what happened? The typical answer is that if you did not take this miracle pill, you would probably be fatter. Right.

Now there is a new solution… apparently you can eat anything you want and lose weight. And I just bought a bridge in San Francisco for only one hundred dollars! I didn’t believe it at first, but after purchasing one, it turned out they meant only a day week. The rest was the usual diet.

The problem with this model is that once many dieters “fall off the band wagon,” they cannot get back on. In some people this only triggers food cravings and makes the dieter fail. Perhaps this is not the best way for some to lose weight.

An eat-anything-you-want trick is to create foods that are versions of popular junk foods. These may be lower in fat and calories but are definitely higher in chemicals. These may be from processing or used for preserving so the foods can be transported across the country for your enjoyment. The problem here is that some of these may cause more problems then they solve.

So, is there a way to really lose weight while eating what you want? Since many of us would choose eating the foods that made us fat to begin with, this may not be a viable option. I mean, if I could control my portions, wouldn’t I have done it already?

However, many people are finding that body cleansing helps them lose weight. You don’t get to eat anything you want, however after your cleanse changes take place that allow you to either continue losing. In addition they find that once they learn how to help their bodies clear waste, the foods they like don’t cause instant weight gain like they once may have.

A wanted side effect of body cleansing is the lessening of food cravings. This may be due to the fact that a cleanse helps your body detoxify and eliminate environmental toxins that interfere with hormonal balances, which in turn can cause cravings. Also, the healthy diet and supplements supply more nutrition, which is important since many craving stem from nutritional deficiencies.

Cleansing your body may be a way to eat what you want. The good message is that cleansing helps you to control your cravings and have more control over your appetite so you stay in line with your weight loss and weight maintenance goals.

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