The Importance of Colon Hydrotherapy, Episode #197

Posted by admin on Monday 3 August 2009

See Raw Food Eater Matt Monarch of, Angela Stokes-Monarch of, in this spectacular, The Raw Food World TV Show Episode. Today Matt Monarch discusses the importance of Colon Hydrotherapy. Enjoy another ‘The Raw Food World’ episode.

Duration : 0:9:57

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22 Responses to “The Importance of Colon Hydrotherapy, Episode #197”

  1. Cr8Joi

    Why do you think … Why do you think Angela may have a punctured colon?

  2. Lilth

    I’m still detoxing … I’m still detoxing after 2 years of about 80% RAW, and have done 4 colonics, and now I’m doing coffee enemas, cuz I can’t afford those colonics. I suppose I should do another colonic soon though. You’re right about the levels of RAW, I don’t want the processed food anymore. However, I still have cravings for POPCORN. so today i’m making dehydrated corn chips. RAw model Anthony’s recipe.
    Thanks for your wisdom Matt, we need to hear it all. Kansas city looks beautiful! Yeah midwestern raw!

  3. simplegrl86

    Thanks Matt!! Thanks Matt!!

  4. Keekbeak

    So much wisdom. … So much wisdom. Thanks Matt! I am a believer.

  5. starflower666

    i’ve been trying to … i’ve been trying to transition from an all raw diet to a’transitional diet’. i ate quinoa and oats but felt crap and then got swine flu. i like the clarity of mind and bliss of an all raw diet, but i think it makes me too sensitive emotionally and physically, plus it hasn’t resolved all health and energy matters for me. i would like to go from 100% to 80%, but i don’t know if i can do it!

  6. Navaroe

    That Lifelong-Detox … That Lifelong-Detox idea is only true for someone who eats a highfat-low carb diet and disturbes the colons delicate flora by shooting water up his bum. Too much fat keeps the Cells from “breathing” – they can’t utilize, transport and uptake oxygen as they are supposed to do. Simple Carbs on the other Hand help with that. This is also the true mechanism behind Matts “Blood Gas Theory”.
    If you ever want your gut to produce his own VItamin B12 with the help of Bacteria leave your colon at peace.

  7. therawfoodworld7

    or a huge hug plus … or a huge hug plus an intermediatory plant high raw wholefood diet

  8. therawfoodworld7

    a huge hug plus raw … a huge hug plus raw foods is my next step hopefully

  9. therawfoodworld7

    interesting stuff , … interesting stuff , i wont be rushing to the colonic centre , but i will bear this in mind

  10. emahaffy

    I love it, thank … I love it, thank you – just wish they offered colonics in more places. They’re hard to find in some states!

  11. chrisficki

    Colon hydrotherapy … Colon hydrotherapy can be dangerous. Angela may have a punctured colon, which can cause infection, and death. The colon is a non-stick surface. Be wise about what you are doing to your body in every respect.

  12. km1278

    Awesome Info!! … Awesome Info!! Thank you!

  13. ovulayia

    this is really … this is really great matt, thank you for sharing


  14. CAlex6977

    Wow this was … Wow this was awesome Matt. Thanks so much for giving us such a great talk. Wonderful to hear you speak at length on this.

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