What are some natural colon cleansing home remedies?

Posted by admin on Monday 24 August 2009

I have heard a few things about lemon, and I drink senna tea (which works wonders), but I’m wondering if anyone has any good home remedies? I think I’m going to try a cleanse and a fast, to jump start a diet, is that safe?

To ensure a healthy colon, the most important thing for your diet is fiber. Fiber can help with digestion and help ensure regular bowel movements, which leads to a clean colon. One of the most fiber-filled foods is whole grains. There are many foods that can contain whole grains. These include whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice and whole grain cereals. You can also eat peanuts, rice cakes, sunflower seeds or beans. These foods all contain fiber and are also healthy.

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    You poop. All natural and cleans out the colon.References :

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