What is a good natural colon cleanse ?

Posted by admin on Thursday 25 February 2010

I recently went to the ER with extreme pain in my abdomen and after numerous tests and CT scans, the DR literally told me I was "full of shit"… He said my colon looks as if I have years of build up. I have recently decided to start the Master Cleanse and have just performed a SWF (salt water flush) however it did not work. I am hoping that someone has done a natural cleanse and could give me some info on what i can do to solve this issue. I think I would actually lose about 25 lbs if I could completely clean my colon of all this built up waste.. Please help!!

Eat lots and lots of whole kernel corn, celery, raw carrots, and drink water. I know how you feel. This works very well for me. No chocolate, no white flour, no alcohol, no soda. Try this for a couple of days. You will be surprised how much it helps.

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