what is a natural way to cleanse the colon without pills?

Posted by admin on Tuesday 20 October 2009

Enema….changing your diet would be better…

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  1. Joachin Murrieta

    There is no need to "cleanse" your colon if you eat a balanced diet with enough fiber in it. Try that first…..References :

  2. you_me_us16

    fruit and water fast,..
    for four days eat watermelon,.peaches,..apples pears,etc.,…and tons of water. This will cleanse the bowel and flush all that dead rotten, ecoli filled, feces out.References : life

  3. smartypants909

    Look into hydrotherapy, cleansing the colon with water. Its an alternative approach, helps with many things. I know people who have it done every six months or so. Check under alternative medicine.References :

  4. George W

    Water enema will work. Use a douch bag with water and it will all come out.References :

  5. Mexican Mamacita

    Just make sure you have a healthy diet and drink lots of water!!References :

  6. melissa

    I mean you don’t really need to make a big process out of it, but make sure you are eating enough fiber – whole grains and whole wheat, green veggies and celery.References :

  7. Mike

    Enema….changing your diet would be better…References :

  8. Dancing with love

    thats the stuffReferences :

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