What Is Docusate Sodium And Is It Effective With Constipation

Posted by Steven M. Lamb on Monday 26 April 2010

What is Docusate sodium and how can it help with constipation? If you have been experiencing constipation, it is quite normal as most people experience it at some time temporarily. There are many types of laxatives that are available some more effective than others, some too effective. This can cause embarrassing situations. Docusate sodium is slow acting so this is avoided completely.

Constipation is defined as infrequent bowel movements. It may also be shown as straining or having difficulty eliminating. The stool can harden after a few days if not passed and make it painful. Constipation can also be incomplete evacuation of stool. It is usually not a serious condition. There may be some consequences to the straining that is associated with it. That could be hemorrhoids or sometimes fissures from hardened stool. There could be bright red blood. It should clear up quickly. If you see an orange color blood instead you want to see your doctor immediately.

A healthy bowel is considered one that is eliminated a minimum of three times a week to three times a day. Although it is not necessary to do so each day, a movement should not be less than three days a week. If there has been no movement for more than three days then there is potential constipation. If you are chronically experiencing constipation an appointment with the doctor is needed. Sometimes it is masking a deeper condition

Some tips to avoid constipation are drinking eight glasses of water a day. Avoid processed foods instead go for whole grain foods and fruits and vegetables. Stay away from sugary foods and eat a well balanced diet. When you feel the need to go do not ignore it.

If you still need help docusate sodium can help. It is a stimulant laxative meaning it helps with bowel movement by stimulating the muscles involved in the elimination process. Doctors recommend it often to clean out the intestines prior to a medical procedure. Patients that can not strain when passing usually due to a medical condition will have it prescribed as well. Sometimes doctors will suggest it when a prescribed medication caused constipation.

The laxative absorbs water into the bowels to soften stool. In this way making it easier to eliminate. The muscles are stimulated in the intestines and will then start the process for bowel movements. Be sure to follow the directions or stick with the prescribed amount.

Some do experience side effects such as cramping, diarrhea and stomach pain. If diarrhea is experienced stop taking right away.

It comes in liquid and capsule form. This is not fast acting and will take up to three days to start to work. The average is two days. Take it for no longer than a week as the body can form a dependency. Unless prescribed by a doctor children should not take it. A full glass of water should be taken with it.

However you choose to handle constipation, remember to make any possible changes to your diet to prevent it. If it is a recurring issue speak with your doctor to find the cause. To answer the question what is docusate sodium and is it effective, the simple answer is, yes.

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