What is the best colon cleanse, and are they safe?

Posted by admin on Tuesday 8 September 2009

Hello, I have been wanting to try a colon cleanse. I need someone who knows or who has used one to tell me a few things:
is it ok to use one at my age of 15,
will it be painful,
will I be spending the majority of my days on the toilet,
are they safe,
and which one would you personally recommend?
I don’t want to get in over my head here.

Before you do a colon cleanse, make sure it is o.k. with your parents. It is not painful and is safe. If you go to your local health store and ask for an all natural colon cleanse, they can help you. Wait after you have eaten dinner for at least two hours before you take a pill. It is not like a laxative. If you don’t have a health store close, visit this site, if you want to know how to get colon cleanse benefits for your body


Colon cleanse is great for people who are serious about feeling healthier and losing weight.

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