what is the best colon cleanse to use?

Posted by admin on Sunday 21 February 2010

There’s a plethora of different colon cleansers out there. To be honest, most of them do the same thing; they make you poop like a goose. Luckily, many of them also supply your body with nutrients and electrolytes that you lose in the bathroom. The best colon cleanse, I’m sorry to say, comes from small lifestyle changes including changing how you eat/drink, taking psyllium fiber supplements, and drinking more fluids like water and juice. The benefits from lifestyle change won’t be noticeable overnight, and for some people that’s a deal breaker. If you want the quicker results that a commercial colon cleanser can provide, choose a reputable brand such as Dr. Natura’s Colonix, Colonetix, or Super Colon Cleanse. For more in depth information check out this article:


Good luck and I hope that helps.

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