I am hoping I would not have to go for more than 1 or 2 weeks… Are instructions included and what do you eat on it?

Here is some good info on it, Hope it helps

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  1. Julie t

    Well you can make your own from scratch. Here it is Lime or Lemon juice – fresh, honey, cayenne pepper. Drink warm. Also drink lots of water, and this will clean your system out, and help you with weight loss. It worksReferences :

  2. Diana

    Here is some good info on it, Hope it helpsReferences :

  3. .

    Super Colon Cleanse :

  4. Ginkgo

    See this webpage for the best way to clean your colon. Also tells about a colon cleansing product but the best way is free.


  5. Just Because

    Isagenix is the best I've tired. I've tried a couple but I've had the best results with Isagenix. It cost $119-239 wholesale. They have two separate cleanses a 9 day and a 30 day. The good thing about this cleanse is you won't have to run to the bathroom all day. You can learn more at :

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