Any ideas on good OTC colon cleanse products as well as OTC diuretics?

There are some reviews of a couple of the most popular colon cleansers over at

8 Responses to “What’s the best way to cleanse your colon for a quick flat tummy?”

  1. dingdong

    cleanse what! References :

  2. Zeer

    Colon cleansing? Try an enema.References :

  3. Atomicstorm

    I use Oxypowder. I get it from a store on ebay for about $45. It uses magnesium to flush it all out. You’ll only get a “quick flat” tummy if you don’t eat a lot and let it all filter out.

    Side note, if you want to know how bad sodas are.. take Oxypowder or any colon cleanser and then let all that soda flush out. Youll never drink soda again (at least until you forget).References :

  4. Juss

    Colon cleanse is an absolute solution for sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, overall malaise and lack of energy. It has also got the solution for overall problems related to digestion and overweight. By colon cleanse not only all these restlessness can be cured but the body gets enough and the ability to function. It is the best means to generate the body for absorption of proper nutrients and boost the immune system of the body. It is also very effective in the process of improving all areas of cellular function.References :

  5. Allen M

    There are some reviews of a couple of the most popular colon cleansers over at :

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