Colon Cleaning — Is Your Colon As Healthy As Your Car?

Posted by Donnie Boots on Tuesday 8 June 2010

So how much do you know about your own colon? And who cares? As long as you dont have any problems you dont even need to think about it. Right? Well, maybe. But suppose you could feel better and lose weight if you had a colon cleaning?

I don’t necessarily mean a hydrotherapy colonic cleanse. There are a lot of less invasive methods available today and they may even be safer. But the point is, you can be healthier if you are not carrying around excess wastes on the inside of your body. That makes sense, doesnt it?

Compare cars and human bodies here for a couple of minutes. Both need fuel to function. Your body gets fuel from food and water. Your car gets fuel from gasoline, etc. Both car and body have to get rid of wastes.

Car exhaust system eliminates waste. Human body has a complex elimination system that separates liquids and solids. Liquids are filtered through your kidneys and wastes are released as urine. Solids get compacted in your large intestines (colon) while water is absorbed into your cells. The solid wastes are excreted as feces. You hardly notice these things are happening everyday unless something goes wrong. Pretty remarkable.

So what happens when something goes wrong? Do you pay attention to your car more than you do to your own body? It is just a bad day, you will say. Or maybe you did not drink enough fluids or drank too much. Do you realize there is something odd about this priority?

Now if your car has a problem, most likely you stop and talk to your friendly mechanic and ask about the symptoms, right? Your goal is preventive maintenance. Did you catch that? You want to protect your car. Doesn’t your body deserve the same attention? Stop at the doctor and discuss the symptoms YOU had to prevent further problems! .

Is it not strange that you and I pay more attention to our automobiles than we do to our own bodies? Perhaps this is part of the reason for shiny cars and dreadful health issues out there. Your body needs preventive maintenance even more than your car, but when you dont pay attention to it, the ailment continues to get worse the same way a small clink becomes a big clunk with your car. You need a clean colon more than you need a clean car. You can get colon cleaning products online easily.

Really, it is not that hard to add an herbal colon cleanseto your regular body care. Your body can be flushed out just like you flush out your radiator (well, not exactly). Getting rid of all of those toxins in your body can leave you feeling better, healthier, more energetic and maybe even losing some weight as a side benefit. Unclog that colon.

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