Experience The Incredible Healing Power Of The Colon Cleanse

Posted by Steven Jimmerson on Tuesday 20 April 2010

Individuals who have gone through a colon cleanse protocol, that includes drinking special products and administering enemas plus colonic irrigation treatments, are often unable to find words to convey what a change it has made for the positive in the way they feel, their renewed energy and youthfulness, and even in their outlook on their life.

Liver cleanses (done with coffee enemas), as well as candida and parasite cleanses, are often part of the overall protocol. The reason there is such a real need for the cleansing is because of the toxins in our environment and food we consume. Yet, we know cleansing isn’t new to modern living. The Merck manual, first published in the 1800’s, is a text book for medical students. It had listed the colon cleanse up until about 30 year ago.

The Essene Gospel of Peace, published in 1928, purportedly translated from an ancient manuscript that was stored in the Vatican, and dates to the first century, includes directions on everything from enemas to vegetarianism as well as fasting.

A number of professionals in the holistic health care movement, have written about how we often store negative emotions in our bodies, including in our toxic waste that we carry around with our for decades. This may explain the improvements in mood, mental outlook.

The late, Doctor Bernard Jensen, a legendary healer who coined the saying, Death begins in the colon, had a record that was undeniable when it came to helping his patients heal themselves of so called, incurable diseases. He used colon cleansing and dietary lifestyle changes that eliminated foods filled with chemicals and sprayed with pesticides. A doctor today faces loss of license, if she dares to talk about cures, and going to prison, if she word got out that she was helping people cure their cancer.

Traditional, allopathic medicine does not do, cures. Frankly, it has never been interested in cures and it will not, as long it has profit as its motive and driving force. It opts instead to “treat” symptoms, or mask them, using dangerous drugs that are toxic and that create side effects 100% of the time. Then doctors prescribe more drugs for the side effects.

When the problems becomes severe enough, the doctors get to charge the patient for surgical procedures, rather than just taking them off the drugs that caused the problems to begin with. The deep colon cleanse, and anything like it, that brings on real healing, is a huge threat to the medical industry.

Pounds of putrefied fecal mater is commonly cleaned out from a colon cleanse protocol. This lets the intestines do their job completely, which includes getting nutrients from the food. Currently, these toxins are leaking into your bloodstream, creating chronic diseases.

The Royal Society of Medicine, in England, tells us that, Ninety percent of chronic diseases are because of infection of the gastrointestinal tract. This is an usually honest and sobering quotation from a medical authority as traditional as them.

If you do your body the great favor of a colon cleanse & other cleansing protocols, remember that going back to old ways of eating will simply “re-toxify” your systems. Then it is only a matter of time before you become, once again, a walking toxic storage unit.

A colon cleanse by taking a dietry supplement is an easy way to ensure a functioning and healthy large intestine. Improve the efficiency of your colon starting today!

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