A Colon Cleanse Is A Key To Better Health

Posted by Sally Wright on Saturday 3 April 2010

Do you suffer from a pot belly? Are you constantly gassy, bloated or nauseous? Is diarrhea or constipation the norm for you? One of the keys to overall health is detoxifying your system. Colon cleansing can release pounds of unwanted toxic waste from your system so you look and feel lighter.

Our colon is designed to naturally expel waste. However, increasing toxins in our environment make it impossible for our bodies to process them quickly enough. As a result, waste builds up in the lining of your intestines.

This waste build-up does not allow all the essential nutrients from the foods you eat to be absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, the toxins from this undischarged waste build up in your system and gets released into your bloodstream. The result is a pot belly, gas, bloating, water retention, constipation and diarrhea. More serious problems from ongoing toxins in your colon include immune deficiencies and certain types of cancers.

There are many ways to get rid of the waste built up in your colon

An old-fashioned enema such as Fleet can be inserted in the rectum to flush out bowel movements and cleanse the lower third of your colon.

For a fast release of bowel movements, you can move your system by drinking prune juice.

Colon hydrotherapy is performed in a medical setting and cleanses the entire colon by using tubes with water inserted in your rectum as the technician rubs your belly until you release your bowels.

Natural colon cleansing through OTC remedies with herbal ingredients such as aloe, cascara sagrada, garlic extract, flax seeds and bentonite clay.

When you move your bowels with a natural colon cleansing remedy, unusual stuff may come out of your body. Rubbery strings, green lumps, mucus and small worms are commonly found in bowel movements made after colon cleansing. And many people lose five to ten pounds after flushing out these toxins. Although it is disgusting coming out, remember it is far more hazardous inside your body.

A maintained lifestyle will help your digestive system and colon working properly. Vegetables, greens, fish, whole grains, chicken and six glasses of water are a colon-friendly diet. Avoid eating fried food, fatty snacks, alcohol, sugar. These foods are difficult to digest and remain in your system for days, decaying in your intestines. A key to better health, fitness and well-being is keeping your colon clean.

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