Colon Cleansing Is A Scam

Posted by admin on Sunday 4 July 2010

Colon cleansing is a scam”.  That is one of the most frequent comments I’ve seen on this blog, but the claim is never substantiated.  So why the comments?  Often the comments are really trying to persuade you to buy some other product.  Or maybe someone purchased a colon cleanser from an unscrupulous company or did not use it property and did not get the expected results.  Colon cleansing was partly responsible for changing my life, which is why I constantly refute the claim that colon cleansing is a scam.

My wife and mother of our three children felt sick constantly.  She had low energy, her body hurt and she felt like she had a reaction to nearly everything.  Fragrances, lotions, scented soaps, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, air fresheners, smoke, scented candles, new cloths, animals, alcohol, many foods, paint and seemingly everything else in our life caused her problems.  

Batteries of tests were run by endocrinologists’, allergists, her general practitioner and several OB/GYN’s. She tried elimination diets, “oil pulling”, and so many other suggestions I cannot begin to count them. Metal screws and wires from an old dental surgery were surgically removed.  Our diet had become nearly 100% clean and 100% organic.  Results were minimal.  She still felt terrible.  She never tried colon cleansing because, well, it is a scam, right?

Rave reviews about a local Atlanta detox program was the latest, and most expensive, cure my wife wanted to try.  Given her failing health, I forked over an outrageous fee for the week long detox program.  What was the first thing on the agenda?  Testing.  Followed by a colon cleanse and parasite cleanse.

The test, that nobody had yet performed, was for Giardia, a parasite that resides in the colon and was probably responsible for causing leaky gut.  Whatever my wife ingested was transferred directly to her blood stream.  The cleanse included a parasite cleanse to kill the Giardia and their eggs.  Giardia is common in the California drinking water system, where we once lived, and can cause many health problems that are difficult for most physicians to diagnose.

Despite her healthy diet and lifestyle, the cleanse released the classic “mucoidal plaque” from her colon wall.  Getting rid of this allowed the highly nutritious food she ate to be more easily utilized by her body. Once this comes out of your body (it came out of mine, too), could you ever call colon cleansing a scam?


The detox program included an excellent diet, some of which she brought home to see if I could choke down, time in a dry sauna, exercise and an extensive regimen supplements.

What was the result?  My wife still avoids fragrances, smoke, pets, etc., and may feel bad for a day if she has heavy exposure, but there is one very big difference:  she does not feel sick and she has excellent energy.  The supplements ran out long ago, but the healthy diet and exercise continues.  

Looking back now, we spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of tests that yielded no results.  We even sent urine and stool samples to have tests run by special labs and they found nothing.  I saw the colon cleansing ads online but ignored them because everyone knows colon cleansing is a scam, right?   Now I refer to colon cleansing as a colon health cleanse because if your colon health is not optimal, your whole body will not function properly.  

If you have some chronic or undiagnosed health problem, I suggest you ignore the nay sayers saying colon cleansing is a scam, and try a colon health cleanse.  I have seen quite a few colon cleanse companies come and go, but I recommend Dr. Floras.  It is not the cheapest one you can find, and there are no gimmicky “free trial offers”, but it is the best colon cleanse formula I have found in all of my research.  The Ultimate Kit comes with a parasite cleanse and probiotics to restore the flora to your digestive tract.  Visit Dr. Floras website here.


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