Colon Health And You, Find Out Why You Should Care.

Posted by Robert Read on Sunday 24 January 2010

What are the questions you need to be asking yourself when considering a colon cleansing product? Do you wake up stiff, lethargic and disorientated? Need coffee or medication in the morning to get you going? Do you have plenty of energy throughout the day? Are you having health concerns related to your diet? These are serious questions that require a serious answer.

All of these questions relate to the same thing body toxicity levels caused by the build up over time of toxins in your digestive tract. Add to this the number of un-natural toxins our bodies encounter every day in our modern world. Things like pesticides on our foods, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, environmental air and water pollution. All of these things did not exist one hundred years ago. However, they all end up in your colon, Liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

How can a good colon cleansing help you? Well, it well increase your energy, cleanse your digestive tract, break up fecal matter, stop blotting, reduce water retention, and support colon and other vital organ health.

What to look for in a good colon cleansing product. Cense natural ingredients are always the best when feeding a natural organism, here is a list of all natural detoxifiers that should be in any product that you choose.

*Cascara Sagrada Spanish for sacred bark comes from the buckthorn bark grown in the pacific north west. It is a very mild natural herbal laxative which facilitates evacuation and production of normal stool function. It conditions the muscles in the digestive tract while promoting hormonal levels controlled by the pituitary gland and has a positive effect on the gallbladder, liver and pancreas.

*Turkey Rhubarb is a powerful intestinal cleanser.

*Bentonite Clay is a nontoxic clay it draws toxins out of the bowel tissue.

*Slippery Elm is a digestive smother and detoxifier. It calms the mucus membrane in the stomach and intestines while stimulating the nerve endings in the stomach causing the secretion of mucous fluid, which balances the intestinal flora.

*Aloes is used here as a lubricant and for its natural healing powers.

*Flax Seed promotes overall good health and alleviates the occasional constipation.

*Senna, known as sennosides, contains compounds called Hydroxyathracence glycosides. That stimulate the colon by increasing smooth muscle contractions and also stimulate more fluid secretion.

*Worm Seed eliminates unwanted organisms from the intestinal tract without eliminating the bacterial flora necessary for digestion.

*Black Seed contains a high concentration of dietary fiber.

*Olive Leaf Extracts with its active ingredient Oleuropein helps to regulate bowl movements.

*Thyme Oil Powder is a purifying agent and has calming effects.

*Garlic Extract 12-1 supports immune health and promotes digestive flora.

*Certified Organic Cloves clears your colon of unwanted organism’s.

*Peppermint stimulates the production of essential digestive fluids and bile.

The best thing I can tell you after you take a colon cleanser is to eat yogurt as a regular part of your diet drink plenty of water and doesn’t wait until your system gets out of balance again to repeat this process. Its kind of like taking a bath, you need it once a year, whether you think so or not.

Colon cleansing is a fact of life that we at Healthy Life Choice Herbal Store take seriously. That is why we have a full line of herbal colon cleansing products. Remember were here for you at Healthy Life Choice Herbal Store. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service

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