Natural Colon Cleansing Program – Cleanse Your Colon Safely

Posted by Frank Foreman on Thursday 6 May 2010

The neutralization of toxins from the body can be achieved with a colon cleansing program which helps remove the accumulation of congestion as well as mucus from the colon. Toxins that accumulate in the bowl are caused due to poor diets and the use of medications as well as environmental pollutions. Once the colon is clogged up people start to suffer from digestive ailments and the colon also becomes sluggish which causes reduction in liver function and toxins to accumulate. When this happens, consider cleaning the colon out and changing your lifestyle as well as eating habits which will increase wellness all round.

If a person does not have regular healthy bowel movements, usually one movement a day, you will end up with various types of ailments. We humans continuously punish the body by eating refined foods such as sugar, meat that contains hormones and steroids and many other unhealthy substances. This is why a colon cleansing program is important.

Once your body starts to develop mucoid plaque, your immune system can become weakened. You can develop mucoid layers which will cause severe constipation and build up toxicity. A colon cleansing program that addresses these issues needs to be maintained which in turn will prevent any harmful bacteria and toxins from building up.

The first and foremost thing for proper colon health is to change your diet and start eating more fiber such as vegetables as well as fresh fruit as these digest quickly and will not form any plaque. One step you’ll need to take is to clean out the bowel which takes a little while and you will have to follow a colon cleansing program and possibly take additional supplements as well as fast. This will also help to free the colon of parasites.

There are many colon cleansers on the market as well as herbal cleansers which will kill worms and parasites. Some of these cleansers also contain probiotics and digestive enzymes which will regulate and stimulate the intestines, gallbladder and liver functions. Whichever colon cleansing program you use, it is important to check with your health care provider first and to follow directions precisely.

Flaxseed is an excellent source of fiber which absorbs water and expands in the colon. This acts to remove toxins and mucous and also helps with reduced cholesterol levels. Sometimes taken with the flaxseed is liquid bentonite to absorb accumulated toxins. At least eight glasses of water should be taken in addition a day to prevent dehydration.

You don’t need a prescription for a colon cleansing program as one can buy the product from any pharmacy or health food shop. A widely available cleanser is dual action or bowtrol, but before you start it is suggested that you consult with a professional especially if you are already suffering from a disease or aliment.

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    I am undecided about herbal colon cleanse – personally I attempted one online (see previous link) and think it worked well for me. I lost some all-important weight and feel healtheir. Alternatively We have one friend who says it made no impact on. I think it is all really a personal thing then one that you should tried once to decide on your own Maybe.

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