Homemade Colon Cleanse Tips

Posted by William Wallace on Wednesday 13 January 2010

One of the biggest enemy to our sense of well-being is when our digestion doesn’t respond to our needs as quickly as it should. Of course we don’t always notice it right away, but as time goes on we realize that we begin to develop problems with having regular bowel movements. Sometimes, there’s unknown pains in our abdominal area. So we start worry whether or not we should see a doctor or try an enema or a homemade colon cleanse to do the job for us.

We think that we can just look for a way to fix it with a homemade colon cleanse tip someone passes along. But, secretly, we question if our safety could be at risk. You should always understand that you should never trust everything you read. Certainly, if it makes you uneasy, don’t try it. When dealing with the colon it’s only natural that we’d want to keep it clean since proper elimination is essential to good health.

We all want instant results. Elimination problem didn’t happen over night, and fixing it over time is the safest way to go. Ridding all the toxins and other matter from our colons should be taken one step at a time to ensure the process runs smoothly. Start cleansing your body by increasing the amount of water we drink per day. Most doctors recommend we should have at least eight full glasses of water every day. It not only is healthy for us but continues to keep our body running at full power, avoiding the possibility of dehydration while passing food through us.

Increasing the amount of fiber that we intake everyday by a minimum of 25 grams can be a great homemade colon cleanse. Fiber can be found in all fruits and vegetables or you can buy a fiber supplement that is available at all shops that have a pharmacy section. For quick relief in people who are suffering from constipation, another healthy choice can be different kinds of juices with plenty of citrus in them. Apple, grape and even cranberry juices are some other choices.

By boosting both your water and fiber daily, you’ll begin to see results within a few days. This homemade colon cleanse can be healthiest way to cleanse the bodies and is the best way to go for keeping your system in optimal shape. We wouldn’t want to harm our digestive system any further by consuming harmful, unnatural ingredients.

If increasing your fiber and water intake works too slowly to help with elimination problems, you can try a homemade colon cleanse using bentonite clay. This is an ingredient present in many colon cleansing products, but you can also find it in liquid or powder form independently. The bentonite readily absorbs water and acts to bind toxins in the digestive tract for elimination. Remember to drink plenty of water with this cleanse.

A homemade colon cleanse with psyllium provides a source of fiber to help push the waste out. One rare side effect that may happen in some people is an upset stomach. If this occurs, you can either reduce the amount of psyllium and increase water intake or stop taking it until your system can handle it better. Don’t forget to drink additional water to prevent blockage.

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