Jumpstart Your Health with a Green Smoothie Cleanse

Posted by admin on Wednesday 19 May 2010

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo describes the benefits of a Green Smoothie Cleanse and takes you on a tour of the materials included in her Green Cleanse Week Program. Dr. Ritamarie brings her 22 years experience as a raw foodist and practitioner of natural healing, and is uniquely qualified to guide you through this program.

Duration : 0:9:49

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5 Responses to “Jumpstart Your Health with a Green Smoothie Cleanse”

  1. lauriem1967

    I went to your site … I went to your site, and you didn’t mention that it costs money to join the program. Thanks anyways.

  2. reforest4fertility

    I just made one … I just made one with watermelon (1st time using that), kale & cilantro, dulse & kelp. I know kelp messes the taste, but only somewhat. Oh yeah, I added cayenne too. It wasn’t the best mix, but easily drinkable. In other words, we can use almost anything, tho some things will mix better than others. Tho best, I believe, to use what you got that should be eaten. We’re talking perishables here, eh.

  3. thrivesurvive

    What a great … What a great program and an excellent video.

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    Yep, nice blog. Keep it that way.

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