The Health Minute – A clean colon is key to good health

Posted by admin on Wednesday 26 May 2010

According to health professionals, 90 percent of Americans have impacted colons. This video is a must see for anyone who is concerned about their health and healing. Whether you’re suffering from inordinate weight gain, chronic illness, fatigue, cancer, diabetes or any of a myriad of other disorders, cleaning your colon may be the answer to your return to optimal health and healing.

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2 Responses to “The Health Minute – A clean colon is key to good health”

  1. faithta

    wow wow


    I didn’t realize … I didn’t realize that the colon greatly influences and/or negatively affects our overall health, which could eventually pose a serious threat if we’re not careful about the way we treat our bodies. This is an excellent video and medical resource tool that’s worth watching several times over……thumbs up!

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