Body Cleanse Day 1

Posted by admin on Thursday 16 July 2009

My husband and I are doing a 30 day juice fast and parasite cleanse. We are juice fasting for breakfast and lunch and then dinner we eat only fruits and vegetables. I am making sure all vegetables are cooked thoroughly and we are mashing them prior to eating so that they are even more digestible for our bodies. This is a record of our first day. Stay tuned each day for a new video.

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3 Responses to “Body Cleanse Day 1”

  1. LivingProvident

    If not 6′ 1″ … If not 6′ 1″ husband will wither away to nothing at the end of this and we are not really trying to lose weight, just rid the body of parasites.

  2. LivingProvident

    I watched the news … I watched the news about a child who had been just living life normally and contracted a parasite in the yard that ended up causing extreme health problems for him.

    We have kids as well & so the entire family is taking Wormwood, Black Walnut Hulls, and Cloves for the parasites & my husband & I are doing a juice fast for cleansing.

    We noticed the lack of energy, so we are considering juice fast for Breakfast and Lunch and then steamed veg’s and baked fruit (mashed prior to eating) for dinner.

  3. crissala

    What made ya’ll … What made ya’ll decide to do this?

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