Posted by admin on Wednesday 24 June 2009

The Discovery Channel highlight the Chemtrail programme. Featuring William Thomas.


The chemtrail program is controlled by the Knights of Malta in control of the Office of Naval Intelligence, MEDCOM, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe/NATO utilising the Open Skies Treaty. Its a programme designed for multiple agendas. These being:

Geo-Engineering, Anti-Radar, Jamming, 3D Mapping, Surveillance, biological testing, disease inducing, forced vaccination & population control.

Any pandemic of the future will come from aerosoling and of course inoculation.

Use a full cleansing hollistic protocol and keep parts of it up throughout the year whilst going through a seasonal full cleanse again. This means full detox utilising Colon Cleansing, Liver Flushes, Kidney Cleanse, removal of metals, anti-parasitic/fungal methods. Utilise Ozone water within a nebuliser also Colloidal Silver may be used in a nebuliser if made correctly. Utilise Cayenne Pepper prior to nebulising and throughout your days from now on along with Ginger.

Never forget one thing and thats the Maltese Knights wish for a 60%+ reduction in the World’s population by 2050. This is why Cancer is now 1 in 3 soon by 2010 1 in 2, infact in some parts of Canada etc this is already the case. Can you see them reaching this goal with these Cancer statistics and then all the other diseases and forced drugging based on hoax diseases (hiv for one)? Study the Club of Rome, Global 2000 Report and of course the Optimum Population Trust in Manchester, England.

Duration : 0:9:14

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