Parasites: Order Here: 800-223-8225 ID: 17736604 3 of 4

Posted by admin on Wednesday 22 April 2009

Order Here: Parasites, guess who`s coming to dinner. Parasites are deadly to pet and humans. An effective parasite cleanse

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  1. bloominglotus57

    thank you for this! … thank you for this!!! sounds like you have been through a lot and learned so much along the way. you are right, pain and discomfort are definitely your friends.

  2. IroquoisBoys

    wonder who cleans … wonder who cleans her colon??

  3. doctorsizzle

    I thank you for … I thank you for this FREE information.

    I haven’t seen anyone else provide any free information regarding this issue…and not holding off to upsell someone!

    keep criticizing people for no good reason…this people, is a case of ignorance!

  4. HonkyScott

    she looks like a … she looks like a dirty colon – is she part pahrana?

  5. Akubarix

    I absorbed this … I absorbed this gimmick, through my eyes… Then it went straight into my colon. This is just a gimmick folks ignore it.

  6. Akubarix

    You’re not infected … You’re not infected by anything.

  7. layed39

    Can you guarantee … Can you guarantee that everything you eat is disease free and free from prasites. Living in the type of world we live in thats almost impossible. You can order toll free here if you like. 1-800-223-8225 and use the stock numbers in the videos.

  8. uman71


  9. sanelva

    i dont eat … i dont eat vegtables or fruit i live on cornflakes brown bread and white bread yogurts and cheese sometimes grilled chicken i do not eat a lot of meat i cut that since i was 16 o and i love chocolate cant get enough of that and at times i feel while i eating somthin which isnt much i feel hungry and at times i dont feel like eating at all

  10. sanelva

    and i am in LONDON … and i am in LONDON are the herbals the same name i can get here ??because i want to you the right one and natrual one. And i realise i got lot of gas lately i dont know .why is a bit weird and i burp as wel more now all suddently DOES THAT MEAN THAT I AM INFECTED??? i am a 20 year old girl and i also to get lazy and tireds for no reason and i crave some time a lot for biscuite or at times i hardly

  11. sanelva

    hello i think you … o i think you are wonderfull and very kind to share all this info with us. I would like to ask you a question is i want to cleanse my colon how many time do i need to do it

  12. Emmisha

    No, the parasites … No, the parasites remain in various organs within your body. Their mission is to remain alive in you undetected. the only way to rid yourself of them is to do annual parastie cleanses. Since my hubby eats meat we do it every 6 months because what he has I get and visa versa.

  13. layed39

    The answer to your … The answer to your question is yes? If you listen again to the video the young lady was in excellent health and still ended up with lupus, but now she is free from lupus. I was in excellent health myself but ended up on dialysis, loosing both my kidneys. If you disenfect you home on a regular basis, you need to disenfect you colon as well. Parasites get into the linning of any organ and cause all kinds of problems. Don`t take shortcuts concerning your body.

  14. SPACE3200


  15. Herbal Colon Cleanse

    I will be on the fence about herbal colon cleansing – personally I tried one online (see previous link) and think it was very successful to me. I lost some essential weight and feel healtheir. Conversely I have one friend who says it made no impact on. It is perhaps all a real personal thing and another that ought to be tried once to make the decision by yourself I suppose.

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