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Posted by admin on Friday 5 June 2009

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Parasites cleanse. This is a four part series on parasites, guess who`s coming to dinner. We live in a world of fast food, fast pace. It makes you wonder if this was done by design. Healtcare,pharmaceutical, and psychiatry industries are billion dollar industries. Ummmmmmmmm. Rid the colon of parasite.

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  1. dewayne408

    how come i cant … how come i cant find this site anywhere? i typed the the website in but all i got was the videos your doing now on youtube.

  2. weatherednboston

    Very informative! … Very informative! Thank you.

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  4. Myles Plys

    Sorry my english not good, but I can say your article make a whole lot of sense, and I find it very informational too. Hope you may write extra of those articles in the future.

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