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Posted by Ray Baker on Monday 28 June 2010

If you have noticed a decline in your health due to no obvious reason and are troubled by its daily manifestations, your body might be asking for a body cleanse. Some symptoms make it easy to determine whether you need a cleansing or not. Signs like headaches, abdominal pains, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, Candida, bad breath, body aches and digestion problems usually signal a high level of toxins in the body. All of these, and many other signs, mean that you need to remove the toxins from your body.

How did toxins get into your body? It is very simple to trace their entry because they are present in the environment around you and each time you eat, breathe, drink or even get dust into your eyes; these toxins find a way into your body. If you are thinking that this makes it impossible to avoid them, then you are right. Many of these poisonous toxins are generated inside the body by undigested food, waste material and even the toxicity of some foods.

The human body has been equipped with a natural cleansing mechanism to deal with this problem of toxicity. Organs like the kidneys and the liver perform the arduous task of constantly working to shovel out the dangerous elements. Sometimes, we ingest so many toxins that they end up weakening the ability of these organs. Toxins take this opportunity and hide inside the body in different places to cause considerable damage. Toxins in the brain, kidneys, liver, colon, tissues, blood and the cells can seriously harm the immune system, eventually leading to fatal consequences.

When the buildup of toxins inside the body begins to impair the normal functionality of the different organs, it becomes essential to assist in the cleansing process. Speeding up the body’s natural cleansing mechanism will ensure the removal of all harmful elements from the body and aid in increasing your overall health. Foods like meat and eggs put significant pressure on the body for their digestion and impede the process of toxin removal.

For those who wish to avoid facing any negative effects of cutting down on food and drinks should begin by slowly adjusting to it. This can be done by taking a week before the actual cleanse and gradually reducing your use of animal foods, alcohol, sugar, coffee and tea. The measured reduction of these foods will permit you to adapt to the change and you will have fewer cravings during the cleanse.

The body cleanse period should involve the use of maximum quantities of water and fluids. However, fluids like alcohol, tea and coffee are not allowed due to the presence of toxins. Organic teas like peppermint tea are allowed as long as you use purified water. Fruits and vegetables should form a major part of your diet and should be, preferably, organic. Non-organic produce will also suffice in case you cannot find organic. The phase of cleansing is supposed to aid the body perform its natural removal of toxins without the introduction of any new elements. This means avoiding all kinds of fast food, oily foods and high cholesterol diets.

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