Body Cleansing Advice

Posted by Ray Baker on Tuesday 22 June 2010

When people begin to notice a steady deterioration in their health, they try to find out what may be behind it. Sometimes, symptoms like recurring headaches, body aches, bad breath, Candida, abdominal pains, digestion problems like diarrhea and constipation seem to have no obvious causes. The symptoms mentioned are very common among millions of people who have high levels of toxins inside their bodies. If you are one of these people, perhaps its time you tried a body cleanse to remove these poisonous elements.

There are two kinds of toxins that reside inside the human body. One of these is outside toxins and the other is toxins produced within the body. Toxins are present in food, liquids, the air, the breath of other people and the polluted environment around us. Protecting ourselves from these is very difficult but necessary for a healthy life. Many toxins are produced by the material collected inside the body in the shape of undigested food or leftover waste due to constipation.

The human body has been equipped with a natural cleansing mechanism to deal with this problem of toxicity. Organs like the kidneys and the liver perform the arduous task of constantly working to shovel out the dangerous elements. Sometimes, we ingest so many toxins that they end up weakening the ability of these organs. Toxins take this opportunity and hide inside the body in different places to cause considerable damage. Toxins in the brain, kidneys, liver, colon, tissues, blood and the cells can seriously harm the immune system, eventually leading to fatal consequences.

Ideally, a body cleanse should be carried out as soon as the toxins start to hamper the functions of the organs. The cleanse will act as a facilitator for the organs to perform their normal duties without any extra pressure. Foods like meat and eggs, tax the organs and avoiding them will allow your body to focus on dangerous elements. This will eventually contribute to a better and healthier life.

For those who wish to avoid facing any negative effects of cutting down on food and drinks should begin by slowly adjusting to it. This can be done by taking a week before the actual cleanse and gradually reducing your use of animal foods, alcohol, sugar, coffee and tea. The measured reduction of these foods will permit you to adapt to the change and you will have fewer cravings during the cleanse.

It is obvious that the cleansing period is meant to help the body perform its natural cleansing smoothly and without any extra strain form new foods. This means that the only foods you can eat during the cleansing are fruits and vegetables while avoiding cholesterol and fast food. Although, organic produce is more efficient in this regard, yet in case of unavailability of these, you can choose non-organic too. A body cleanse routine should include lots of liquid intake but remember that this does not involve coffee, alcohol or any other toxic fluid. Increase you water intake as much as possible and you can drink organic teas like peppermint tea etc.

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