How To Do Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Diet

Posted by Susan Bell on Monday 8 February 2010

We were watching with open ears when Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Diet was told on nationwide television when she spoke about how she quickly reached her weight loss for the movie Dreamgirls. After she announced how she did it, we wanted to know more about this Master Cleanse Diet. Is it possible to lose this amount of weight this quickly? That’s 10 to 40 days to lose twenty plus pounds.

Is that really a possibility to shed twenty pounds in a few days? According to Stanley Burroughs, who is the author of The Master Cleanse, indeed it is. This diet consists of some regiments that may take some time getting use to for a beginner. Since the main focus for completing this diet is to get rid of toxins in your body, the whole key is not to put toxins in while performing it.

This would seem to be a lot of effort to but the conclusion is to be worth the efforts. So what exactly is in this diet, you may ask?

Essentially this is also a “fast”, as to other fasts that help to cleanse, this expels the poisonous waste that has been kept in our body. Due to its ability to rid our body of waste, this cleansing demands that it is followed carefully in order to actually work. If followed as directed you can be sure to be on your way to getting yourself back to its natural healthy state.

The main ingredients used can give you an idea of how, when followed, it helps rid the body of toxins. The main items you will need are fresh lemon juice, pure water, grade B maple syrup as well as cayenne pepper to taste. This list of ingredients is designed due to the healthy properties’ that will assist the body to heal.

It’s key to remember to drink a lot of water when performing this cleansing diet to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated when drinking the lemon concoction. In addition, a laxative tea can be used in conjunction with the cleansing diet as well as sea salts which will promote detoxing and waste removal easier. Don’t be surprised at what you might see when eliminating the waste; this is what the cleansing is supposed to do, rid the body of harmful waste.

The main idea of the Master Cleanse in addition to losing weight, the same as Beyonce did when she lost her weight for the Dreamgirls role, is ideally to help your body to eliminate itself of toxins, naturally bringing it back to itself initial healthy state.

Looking to find the best information on the Master Cleanse Diet and detoxifying your body, then visit The Lemonade Diet Recipe to learn more.

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