How To Do Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Diet

Posted by Nick Woods on Thursday 11 February 2010

The world was watching and listening when Beyonce exposed how she quickly achieved her weight loss goal for the hit movie Dreamgirls. When she made her announcement we became curious about Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Diet and how it worked. What type of diet was this that could cause such weight loss in such a short time? We’re talking ten to forty days losing twenty pounds or more.

Is that really a possibility to shed twenty pounds in a few days? According to Stanley Burroughs, who is the author of The Master Cleanse, indeed it is. This diet consists of some regiments that may take some time getting use to for a beginner. Since the main focus for completing this diet is to get rid of toxins in your body, the whole key is not to put toxins in while performing it.

For those that find it hard to not eat any type of textured food, this might pose a problem during its early stages. Many may think that it is not good to not eat “real” food for any given time. However, in essence, it can be quite productive to take a break from eating food that our body has to break down. Doing a cleanser of this type will allow the body to reset itself.

In essence this diet is a “fast” that one will take to eliminate harmful waste that has been stored up in our system, when used over a short period of time. Because it is designed to get rid of waste, there are limits placed on what can be eaten while performing the diet. Thus, allowing your body to do what it is naturally designed to do own it’s on.

The ingredients used will give you an idea of why, when used properly, it rids the body of toxins. Here goes – you will need fresh lemon juice, purified water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Umm, delicious. These ingredients are purported to have health properties’ that helps our body to heal itself.

It’s key to remember to drink a lot of water when performing this cleansing diet to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated when drinking the lemon concoction. In addition, a laxative tea can be used in conjunction with the cleansing diet as well as sea salts which will promote detoxing and waste removal easier. Don’t be surprised at what you might see when eliminating the waste; this is what the cleansing is supposed to do, rid the body of harmful waste.

Ultimately, the master cleansing diet is used to help your body to return to its healing state naturally. It helps to promote wellbeing and rejuvenation when used properly.

Learn more on how to detoxify the body and how you can be losing weight with the Master Cleanse Diet. Just Stop by Susan Bell’s site where you can find out all about the Master Cleanse Diet Recipe .

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