Colon Health Cleanse: Colon Cleanse Reviews

Posted by admin on Monday 13 October 2008

Colon Cleanse Reviews: We have reviewed over 11 colon cleanse products.  We have out top 3 in our colon cleanse reviews on this page.  But first, what is a colon cleanse.

A colon health cleanse flushes accumulated mucoidal plaque and fecal matter from the large intestine. These accumulations impair the function of the colon providing a perfect home for parasites along with the putrid, rotting fecal matter.  Made-made chemicals and toxins are trapped, poisoning your body and leading to many ailments and even disease.

A healthy person should have at least 2 bowel movements per day, but many adults have as few as two movements per week resulting in poor health and sickness.  In fact, 4 million people report suffering from constipation each year.

What has changed in the last decade? Why the obesity explosion? Have humans really changed in the last decade? Not really, but our diet has. We have more processed foods in our diet and our fruits and vegetables are saturated with pesticides and processed in plants that sometimes have harmful bacteria and parasites.  In other words, our diet is a lot more toxic.  A sedentary lifestyle allows the toxins to sit inside poisoning our bodies.  The second leading cause of cancer deaths in the USA is colon cancer.

Eliminating the toxins, harmful mucoidal plaque and parasites with a colon health cleanse is imperative to good health.

Benefits of a clean colon include eliminating:

  • Bad breath
  • Body odor
  • Joint pain
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Discolored skin
  • Acne
  • Colon cancer
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Indigestion
  • and many more…

Accumulation in the colon builds up a harmful substance called “mucoidal plaque”, which is removed with a colon cleanse. Below are pictures of mucoid plaque excreted during a colon cleanse.  These are courtesy of Dr. Floras’s colon cleanse website.

Yes, it is gross, and you might be saying “What IS that?  That can not be inside me, can it?”.

This mucus-like build-up, or “mucoidal plaque” is a barrier to the essential bodily function of absorbing nutrients.  It also slows the process of passing stool and getting the toxins out of your body.  Eliminating the mucoidal plaque allows your body to absorb nutrients more readily, pass the toxins more efficiently and you will notice your stomach flatten as if you were a teenager again.

The internet is littered with advise on colon cleansing products.  Some claim to know which is the best, which is the cheapest, and so on.  We wanted to know who we could trust and what products actually work the best and provide the greatest value.  We did our research and now have the results for you.

This is our colon cleanse review of the most trusted, reputable and highest rated colon cleanse products.

#1 Dr. Floras Colon Cleanse was by far the best colon cleansing system we ever tested. There are so many reasons why it took the #1 spot.  From the great price for almost 400 grams of cleansing powder (that’s equal to about 800 capsules of competing products), to its exclusive use of Psyllimax™, to the one year money back guarantee… and last but certainly not least,the fantastic results it produces.
DrFloras™ is the most effective product available, hands down. It’s Manufactured in the USA. When considering which colon cleanse to use, it would be a mistake to use anything other than the Dr. Floras Colon Cleanse.

#2 Bowtrol is a distant second, as are other products we considered in our review. Bowtrol contains a variety of good ingredients but lacks the cleaning power of Dr. Flora’s Psyllimax™. While this product is advertised as a colon cleanser, we consider this to be an effective laxative.
This product comes in a tablet instead of a capsule form, which may greatly reduce it’s effectiveness.

Bowtrol offers a 90 day return policy for
unopened product only, so if you buy more than one bottle you can return the unopened bottle if you’re not seeing the results you expected.

#3 Oxy-Powder® works, according to the web site,”by releasing nascent oxygen (created by the Germanium-132) into the bowel using a Magnesium oxide carrier…specialized oxygen molecules are locked in place by being bonded to specific forms of magnesium.”  The oxygen then breaks down the waste in your colon so it can be excreted.

This product is made by Global Healing Center, a reputable manufacturer.  We applaud Oxy Powder for taking a slightly different approach to colon cleansing.  This is an effective product, but the lack of a more rigorous cleansing agent, such as Dr. Flora’s Psyllimax, makes this product our 3rd choice.

Return Policy:  60 days on all product, opened and unopened.

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Visit Colon Cleansing Clinic For Colonics

Posted by Ezra Rogers on Sunday 30 May 2010

There are different techniques and procedures for cleansing the colon as well as sigmoid of metabolic waste. And this can be done without using any prescription medications or any other kind of toxic agents.In order to maintain good health for life, you will discover colonics, which are also known as colon hydrotherapy or high colonics. These are highly beneficial in the prevention, treatment as well as relief from many common health ailments.

In fact, colonic irrigation is becoming a part an overall regimen of complementary and alternative medicine, which designed to cleanse as well as detoxify the colon, liver, kidney and even the lymphatic systems. But you need to visit a Colon Cleansing Clinic in order to avail of this facility.

This is because colonics need to be administered by a trained colonic therapist. In order to achieve maximum efficacy as well as safety, state-of-the-art colonic hydrotherapy equipment needs to be used. This is the perfect procedure which can help to eliminate constipation, as well as detoxify the major organs of elimination leading to restoring normal bowel function.

Colon cleansing can get great assistance by using herbal supplement colon cleansers. Besides this, drinking lots of water and adding colonic bacterial flora as well as fiber food supplements will result in achieving excellent cleansing benefits. But in case your goal is a more thorough cleansing and detoxification program, then scheduling a colonic or a series of colonics at a colon cleansing clinic will be highly beneficial. This will be much easier as it will be performed by a competent colon hydrotherapist.

Today many medical professionals endorse the use of alternative health therapies such as colonic irrigation. In fact, they have even incorporated these alternative therapies as a part of their daily patient care.Colonic irrigation is a good and easy way to cleanse your colon. You may either choose to use a home colonic kit, or opt for the services of a professional colon hydrotherapist in a colon cleansing clinic. Both ways, it is your health that will benefit.

For women, colon cleansing is particularly advantageous. This is because it helps to alleviate pre and post menstrual discomfort as well as pain. It is also beneficial for men who suffer from constipation or prostate problems, as these are onset due to the excess pressure on the lower bowel.Colon hydrotherapy benefits cancer patients also who are experiencing increased toxic stress as well as constipation while they undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This reduction of toxic stress on the organs of elimination aids in strengthening the immune system.

It is very important to cleanse your colon in order to maintain a good health for that you have two options, either you visit colon cleansing clinic for colonics or visit our website and get all information, reviews and recommendations about colon cleansing.

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Organic Colon Cleansing To Improve Your Health

Posted by Ezra Rogers on Sunday 30 May 2010

One of the best ways to improve your health is by doing organic colon cleansing. Organic means that no man made substances or ingredients are being used in this colon cleanse method. This way you get one of the best methods for improving health. The body is used to natural products, and is quite comfortable with them. Besides, these products do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins in them that may lead to causing illness in people. Thus, always consider the benefits of using organic cleansing products.

There are many herbs that work well in cleansing the colon. These herbs are usually not the type that you would find at your local grocer, though. Instead, you need to look for holistic medicine herbs. Many different herbs are there which work well for colon cleansing. One of the most common herbs used for organic colon cleanse is the cascara sagrada herb.

This provides the best, natural laxative. Besides, this herb also helps in improving the muscle tone. Another option is using chickweed. Other organic ingredients are slippery elm, rhubarb as well as senna. The important thing is to use all the herbal products for colon cleansing correctly, as has been directed by a professional. This is because many of them can result in causing side effects in case they are used too heavily.

There are other kinds of colon cleansing available, too, which is again organic. Oxygen based cleansing of the colon is one of them. Then there are simple fiber based colon cleanse products also. You can select from all these options in order to find a solution that will improve your health as well as your well being. Any holistic health improvement program includes cleansing the colon too. Just ensure that the products you choose are truly organic.

Colon health can be improved by having an enema or a colonic too. These also work well, but many people find them uncomfortable as well as even painful. Thus it is better to consider herbal methods for cleansing the colon. The only downside of organic colon cleansing is that it takes longer to work through than any of the other methods.The benefits of cleansing the colon include weight loss, which is one of the best rewards for this treatment. You will have more energy and will also feel cleaner. Then there is improvement in constipation, diarrhea and energy levels.In fact, colon cleansing is a good tool available today; and the best way to go about it is to use an organic cleansing product.

Visit us today and avail the benefits of complete resources for organic colon cleanse, organic colon cleanse reviews and organic colon cleanse tips and enjoy the pure colon life.

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Colon Cleansing Herbs Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Diet

Posted by Ezra Rogers on Friday 28 May 2010

The colon tends to gets clogged up with parasites as well as fecal matter due to two reasons mainly. One of them is wrong eating habits and the other is exposure to toxins in food, water, as well as air. The liver is not able to dispose off all this toxic waste which then, ends up in the bloodstream. Not only this, nutrients are not able to reach the bloodstream in case the colon is blocked. Thus, in order to get our health back, we need to clean our colons. Colon cleansing herbs are available in various forms. These include capsules, teas, pills, soup, as well as in their natural state.

You need to do colon cleansing naturally in case you have any symptoms such as tiredness in the afternoon, headache, or backache. Using herbs for cleansing colon will be helpful if you suffer from allergies, food cravings, or have bad breath or insomnia. You need to do this if you suffer from depression, indigestion, irritability or are overweight and have skin problems. Use colon cleansing herbs in case of water retention, bad memory, menstrual pains or asthma as well as tension.

There are various herbs which can be used for this cleansing. Aloe Vera is well-known as a natural laxative. It is able to relieve bowel irritation as well as constipation. Artichoke is another herb which helps in protecting the liver against toxins as well as infection. It can stimulate bile secretion and helps to reduce abdominal distension.

Barberry Bark is another colon cleaning herb. It is a bitter tonic which has mild laxative effects which aid in bile flow. Black Radish can treat constipation which is caused by liver dysfunction. It helps to increase the production of bile as well as improves the intestinal contraction as well as relaxation. Buchu is helpful in reducing colon inflammation as well as bloating during menstruation.Other colon cleansing herbs include Burdock Root which improve bile production as well as increases the digestive juices. It helps to purify the blood and acts as a diuretic too. Cascara Sagrada is able to restore intestinal tonus and hence cure constipation.

Cayenne Peppers are the other cleansing herbs which help to get rid of waste through sweat, and thus act as a blood purifier. Dandelion helps to stimulate the flow of bile from the urea tract, and this way it helps to clean the blood. It also supports the liver function as well as reduces eczema. Fennel is normally used in the form of tea and it acts as a natural laxative. It helps to relieve flatulence as well as colic. It maintains stasis and tone, as well as sterilizes the gastrointestinal tract.

If you would like more information on Colon Cleansing Herbs then visit our website and know all the truth about Colon Cleansingand top 15 colon health products reviews.

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Colon Cleansing Naturally In Order To Avoid Any Side Effects

Posted by Ezra Rogers on Thursday 27 May 2010

Any kind of bowel problems are a form of nature’s warning for any kind of serious health problems. This is because the colon is the route for expelling toxins. When it is not working effectively, toxins tend to accumulate resulting in health disorders.

Modern diet is placing an extraordinary load on the colon leading to it not being able to discharge the toxins effectively. These toxins are the cause of disease. Accumulated excessive fecal matter in the large intestine creates favorable conditions for germs to breed and also allows blood to get poisoned. It is crucial to undergo colon cleansing and detoxification to ensure that these do not accumulate.

There are several ways devised by modern medicine to cleanse the colon easily. But, in most cases, these constipation remedies tend to be habit forming and are not so effective. Thus colon cleansing naturally is a better tool. Enema is the best way for cleaning the colon effectively as well as easily in a natural way. Enema is also extremely effective for hemorrhoid treatment, ulcerative colitis remedy as well as for just constipation remedies.The best way to do colon cleansing naturally is by eating and living properly. A good and healthy diet helps in the cleansing process. It is advisable to abstain from soft drinks, candy as well as coffee.

Drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day, along with fruit and vegetable juices is a good way for cleansing colon naturally.Else you may try your homemade colon cleanse two times a day until your eliminations become of a lighter color. Take a diet which will contain lots of fiber and you will not need to use any kind of colon cleanse product.

For cleansing naturally, blend 4 oz. cold, purified water and 4 oz. apple juice. On the first day, take this formula every two hours. Take it five times that day. Have at least 1 gallon of distilled or purified water. You may take vegetable juice when you want, but do not have any solid food that day. In the evening you may have a small meal and have four capsules of a quality probiotic before you retire at night. For that whole take the recommend servings of the best colon cleansing product.Continue this for three to six months till your stool is light as well as well-formed. Then continue the recommended serving of your favorite colon cleanse product once per day for maintenance.

Read more about how to do Colon Cleansing Naturallyat our website and get expert advice on colon cleansing, how to do a colon cleanse, Colon Cleanse Reviews, and why we need to do colon cleansing.

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