– If you are constantly or constipated, your doctor may recommend a colonoscopy. Preparing for a colonoscopy – watch this video so you will have an idea of what is going to happen. Preparing for Colonoscopy Procedure with Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD This is a classic video of Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD, author of several health books including the million dollar best seller, The Enzyme Facotr. Dr Shinya is currently Chief of Surgical Endoscopy at the Beth Israel Medical Center and Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Shinya invented the colonoscopy device named after him- The Shinya Loop – that is shown in this video.

After watching this video – you will want to follow Dr. Shinya’s recommendations. In particular – Dr. Shinya recommends drinking Kangen Water by trademark name – not just any alkaline electrolyzed water.
Go check out – to capitalize on this health revolution.

Duration : 0:5:11

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What is your favorite colon cleanse system?

Posted by admin on Friday 8 January 2010

I’m looking for a non-clinical (meaning not going into a clinic to have a tube stuck where the sun doesn’t shine) colon cleanse system. I’ve seen one that is apparently popular in Canada and is now in the US, Jillian Michaels has one, there is a system I have seen on an infomercial…. there are just so many.

And I want to know which is the best?

Dual action cleanse is a popular one that you can find in stores, but I prefer Ultimate Colon Cleanse. There is a 30 day online free trial.

You can see a review/comparison over at

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Colonic Cleanse – How to cleanse your colon?

Posted by admin on Saturday 26 December 2009 Colonic cleanse – Colon cleansing was not a familiar term until a few years ago. With the growing awareness about poor colon health and related ailments there has been a sudden rise in demand of natural colon cleanse products.

Duration : 0:3:6

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Can colonics heal disease? All about colon hydrotherapy.

Posted by admin on Wednesday 16 December 2009

Today’s video is all about colonics, and enemas. Colon cleanses have been around for many years but do they work in healing the body? Here Donna’s amazing story of her experience and advice about colonics and colon cleansing.

Duration : 0:10:1

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The Best Super Colonic Cleanse Programs

Posted by admin on Thursday 12 November 2009 the best super colonic cleanse programs. A clean colon helps reduce bad bacteria while replenishing probiotics toist with your health. Ever suffer from constipation? This all natural system will relieve your symptoms. Lose weight with this digestive cleanser supplements. Begin you fast Colon detox programs.

Duration : 0:0:45

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