84 Days In 48 Seconds: Weight Loss Time Lapse

Posted by admin on Tuesday 20 January 2009

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AS SEEN In Mens Fitness US Edition & On TV in Japan which has used the “time-lapse” portion of this video in a 5-minute profile on my fast weight loss journey that was broadcast on national TV to 5,000,000 people.

They filmed me in my house taking a daily picture, in the gym and eating clean! If you want to watch this clip go to my blog listed above.

The reason I am saying this here is because of the “it’s fake” comments I get. If you watch the TV clip you will see that I am a “real person” and I really do train and eat clean to get the results I have. *Due to Copyright this TV clip cannot be uploaded to YouTube but you can watch it at http://www.RTP-Blog-2.com

THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS VIDEO: First and foremost I want to thank the overwhelmingly positive feedback and comments to this video.

Secondly, I am not “special” and neither is the transformation. Thousands of people all over the world do this kind of thing all the time (myself included, 7 years ago). This transformation has more to do with the mind than the body. The body is merely a physical representation of your daily thoughts and actions.

Anyway, a lot of people have commented on the “unbelievable” fat loss from my first picture in black shorts and my official Day 1 picture. Just to clear it up, if you watch the video closely you can clearly see that I state that the first picture is from July 2003.

My “Day 1” picture is 3 and a half years later on November 8, 2006 as evidenced by the date on the newspaper (which you can see in the video clearly if you pause it.)

The primary goal of taking pictures and blogging every day was not to make a video. The reason why I started this project was a way of holding myself accountable. 7 years ago I was in shape, then I lost the plot big-time.

I then spent 6 years overweight and at times bordering on obese like in the picture from July 2003. Trust me, I have enough “before pictures” to fill a family album.

This time I decided to try something different. Take a picture every day (except for a few rest days). Taking a picture every day motivated me to push through the pain barrier every workout because I knew I had to take a picture that evening.

Now of course, once I finished the 12 weeks I was proud of my achievement and I did have a new-found confidence after 6 years of being out of shape. The reason I put this “time lapse compliation” video on YouTube was in the hope it could inspire some people out there who are overweight and want to change their life. This video does not promote anything, except for taking massive action on your dreams!

This transformation is consistent with eating clean and working out hard. It is not amazing, nor is it rocket science. But there are no “magic bullets”, no supplements and no “secret workout routines” that will do the job for you.

Adam Waters

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25 Responses to “84 Days In 48 Seconds: Weight Loss Time Lapse”

  1. AdamWatersRTP

    Thanks man, shred … Thanks man, shred hard!

  2. AdamWatersRTP

    Check the … Check the description for reason why.

  3. AdamWatersRTP

    Thanks man, I do a … Thanks man, I do a variety of high intensity/high volume training depending on what my goal is. Also HIIT cardio.

  4. ERKIM227

    u look like patrick … u look like patrick swazi or however u spell it good job

  5. DrScholls07

    dude it looks like … dude it looks like he loses like half his fat after like the first day.

  6. ricnazul808

    wow nice job!
    by … wow nice job!
    by the way, what is your favorite workout?
    or u just like doing cardio?

  7. TheJayEffect

    Congrats Congrats

  8. Ugnah828

    omg! lol u turned … omg! lol u turned hot!

  9. motoshop4

    better gun’s & roses better gun’s & roses

  10. StarKatz

    Hubba Hubba :) Hubba Hubba :)

  11. NickDionne55

    better gun n roses better gun n roses


    great job man im on … great job man im on a weight loss program and ive lost 8 pounds in 5 weeks ( note i weighed 135 when I began) and Im not anarexic either I just wanted to Build up a six-pack. anyways good job man!!

  13. maritoxone

    impossible, really … impossible, really impossible

  14. soloweed

    amazing vid dude, i … amazing vid dude, i loose 100 pounds in one year.
    and i think that the point is that with determinations you can do anything u want.

  15. ThecomedianUpLoad

    Whats the song … Whats the song Called??

  16. ErlingM

    He had a huge belly … He had a huge belly? Get lost…
    You know what, Step outside of your front door, there Is a world with nice people there..

  17. shoxstun

    just wondering how … just wondering how how many days a week did u train, how many hours and what trainin did u do ???

  18. AdamWatersRTP

    Only you can do it, … Only you can do it, but you can learn from people who know what they are talking about and who have done what you want to do.

  19. custer1968

    i think he done … i think he done this the other way around!…lol..:))

  20. rochelimit55555

    so the point is … … so the point is … everybody can do that by themselves? or everybody need a mentor to be able to do that??

  21. n0iz

    lol, dude. thats … lol, dude. thats like impossible
    u need at least 4 months to lose belly, and not a giant one, like u had.

  22. justtobored


  23. Aikasha

    Is the same person? … Is the same person?Really?Awesome!Goood job man,it´s not easy to do,what you do,but maybe it happpens to queackly.But…congratulation!

  24. clalbus

    As I understand the … As I understand the whole training lasted from July 23 2003 and Feb 1 2007 – in this period the author took 84 pictures. That is why you see rapid improvements in pics next to each other.
    Congrats and I admire your willpower!

  25. Gorillagand

    Magnificent, … Magnificent, fantastic , amazing , great, superb, magical, what more can i say. Good 4 u :)

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