Best Ways to Colon Cleanse : Finishing the Colon Cleanse

Posted by admin on Tuesday 28 April 2009

How to finish a colon cleanse in this free health video.

Expert: Kameron Gross
Bio: Kameron Gross is the owner of Hydrohealth in Encinco, CA and has been doing hydrocolonics for 10 years.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Duration : 0:2:27

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8 Responses to “Best Ways to Colon Cleanse : Finishing the Colon Cleanse”

  1. theebandflow

    i think this lady … i think this lady is excellent at what she does, she knows her stuff, she responds to the qestions with relevant answers, and has a most excellent bed side manner, you get the feeling that she really cares and is pro at what she does, and she has a way of makeing the clients feel comfertable and at ease….

  2. awrozario

    U are a bigger … U are a bigger camel n only one kind of hole

  3. eneman11

    You must be a camel … You must be a camel or some kind of hole!

  4. phobiaknows

    lol lol

  5. atollado

    The doctor is so … The doctor is so sexy

  6. awrozario

    Go insert yr … Go insert yr special tube behind a camel arse..

  7. 1CME90

    Does this … Does this really work? Like the other guy said, man has gone millions of years without a tube in the but, do we really need this? Just wondering.

  8. eneman11

    I would love to … I would love to administer the final fill using my special tube.

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