How Frequently Should You Cleanse Your Colon?

Posted by Bart Icles on Wednesday 3 March 2010

The colon cleanse is without question one of the most well regarded health practices people are trying these days, with various versions of it being done and people buying a great many products that promise to keep the colon clean and healthy. Indeed, there is quite a number of these products available these days; ever since colon cleansing became the in thing to do, health supplement manufacturers have gotten into developing colon cleansers as well, and people are scrambling to give them a try, so these days, it’s become very important to know what you’ll be buying and learning more about the product to be sure that it really does bring benefits for your body.

There are plenty of good reasons why the colon cleanse has generated such hype. One of the reasons is that it apparently helps one lose weight, shedding pounds that people are usually unable to get rid of no matter what they do. It has been discovered that the colon cleanse does perform in this manner, because it gets rid of all the waste products in the body, and it has also been found that undigested or unprocessed waste materials could weigh as much as five pounds. So it’s easy to see why colon cleansing is something a lot of people are interested in doing.

But that isn’t the sole reason why people are inspired to do a colon cleanse. Health is also a major factor, especially since people who have tried the cleanse swear by it. A lot of them attest to the fact that it has made them feel better, getting rid of their headaches and giving them much more energy. That’s because toxins usually bring about the discomfort and heaviness one feels, and getting rid of them means that your body is freer and lighter. Another plus of the colon cleanse is great skin and brighter eyes, and some even say that they do look better as a result of the cleanse.

Such results cause people to want to do a colon cleanse constantly in order to ensure that the effects will last for a long time. However, this is not especially recommended for the body. Frequent colon cleansing can wear out the colon and the rest of your body, and at the same time, you’ll be depriving yourself of any other nutrients that your body needs. Doing a cleanse on a daily basis definitely isn’t in your body’s best interests.

Instead, perform a colon cleanse every weekend. Your body needs to recover after every cleanse, and you don’t want to deprive it of any nutrients. Allow your body to return to its natural state, and then just do the cleanse every time you’re feeling inexplicably bloated and heavy again.

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