i am wanting to do a colon cleanse does anyone have a recepie?

Posted by admin on Saturday 25 July 2009

or know of a healthfood store in my earea of wapaca county? i have been told this would help me in so many aspects & im so tired & run down & gaining so much weight umong other health issues & heard alot of great things about colin cleansing help !im so tired of feeling like crap!

Just eat a lot of fiber. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains.

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  1. dormeins_nanquam

    Hot water works great. There are also these … I think they are Kineko diet plums. I have never tried them, but apparantley they work quite well. Hot water with 1/2 a squeezed lemon and pineapple and kiwi fruit. All acidic, very good for the digestive system. It helps to go for a run and jump up and down a lot too.References :

  2. chelvis

    i think GNC or Vitamin barn would def. have that stuff…..References :

  3. christigmc

    Just eat a lot of fiber. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains.References :

  4. jack

    those people are liars just looking to take your money. your colon is up your butt and has nothing to do with your gaining weight or feeling tired, unless you have colon cancer, which is unlikely. if you are really concerned about your colon, eat a lot of corn and use a enema. that will clean your system out.References :

  5. *Tink*

    yes ive heard but the one i tried was not so good so good luck!References :

  6. Sam Peckerpah

    colon cleansing is a racket – those salespeople are full of sh it. As long as you eat a healthy diet, plenty of fiber, fruits & veggies, you don’t need to shoot any liquid up you a s s. Your body can cleanse itself down there naturallyReferences :

  7. deathbymonkeys69

    Heres good advice. You do not need a colon cleanse. There is no medical or therapeutic aspect to it. It is a big hype unless you will be having some scope going up there for medical reasons. The colon has a purpose, think of it as the septic system for your body. It will clean itself, unless of course you have an impaction, then you will need emergency medical care. If you really want to do a cleanse, eat lots of fiberous foods. It is a much healthier way to clean your colon.References :

  8. cs r

    Colon cleansing can be done easily by using pure linseed oil (medical grade) .Take an ounce of the oil early in the morning ( about 4.00 A.M) and drink it with a half litre of warm boiled water. Skip breakfast. You will get repeated urges to go to the toilet. The purging will normally be strong on the first occasion. Continue to drink boiled warm water at two hour intervals. After three rounds of evacuation or latest by 12.00Noon stop drinking further water. And after you wait for another hour, drink some fresh coconut water or anyOral Rehydration Solution Slowly sip the drink instead of gulping it down so that you don’t produce spasms in the intestines.. By about 2.00 P.M. you can have a light Lunch and then have some snacks around 6.00 P.M Dinner as usual. Repeat this process for three Sundays or weekly holidays and your Colon will become very clean and rid of Carcinogenic refuse accumulating. After learning the technique , use it at least once every year before the onset of Rains.. If you like , this can be done soon after any festive season also.

    This method is not advisable for those having the disease of Reverse PeristalsisReferences :

  9. Susan Yarrawonga

    Besides enemas you could take liquid chlorophyll and apple cider vinegar. They are both supposed to be good colon cleansers.References :

  10. Edwin

    There are many colon cleanse products in the market today. Some are good while there are also some which make most people skeptical about the merits of colon cleansing.

    Fast food culture exerts a very strong influence on people today. It’s very hard to maintain a clean colon when you are continually exposed to food contaminated with pesticides and fungicides on a daily basis.

    That tender, juicy fried chicken and that greasy double cheese burger you eat regularly all morphed into compressed fecal matter and here’s why:

    It is considered normal to eat three times a day and also move your bowels only once per day. Imagine your input is three(your meals) while your output is only one(bowel movement.)
    Where’s the rest? They are all inside your colon now and believe it or not, they add ten pounds or so of unwanted weight to your body.

    In addition, the chicken and beef you’ve been eating were injected with all kinds of antibiotics and growth hormones when they were still alive and well in the farm.

    A good bowel cleansing product must be effective and able to:

    Cleanse your bowels of harmful body toxins
    Promote good digestion
    Improve your small intestine’s absorption of nutrients
    Strengthen your immune system

    Hope this helps.

  11. Eleanora Wren

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  12. Socorro Timmermann

    “Understanding your own metabolism is key to success,” says LaValle, author of The Metabolic Code Diet. Hoodia Source

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