Medical Causes of Hypothyroidism

Posted by admin on Saturday 19 September 2009

Hypothyroidism is caused by varied causes. It could stem from a singular cause or a mixture of various causes such as complications arising from thyroid gland diseases, afflicted brain activities, exposure to medical treatments, and autoimmune disord…

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  1. Scotti

    I want to sue the N.H.S. for medical negligence what should I do ? I have drug-induced hypothyroidism?They put me on Paroxetine and Quetiapine and I contracted hypothyroidism. Can I sue them for medical negligence ? A pharmacist told me Quetiapine induces low thyroxine levels so that made me suspicious of foul play. I also read that Paroxetine can rarely induce hypothyroidism too. I cannot prove it but seems clear to me what induced hypothyroidism as I was perfectly healthy before I took any of these drugs. Apparently according to research on the internet lithium in these drugs causes the thyroid to go hypo. Do I have a case of medical negligence ? If so what should I do ?

  2. William R

    Call a lawyer, They will be able to tell you if there is a case.References :

  3. steven s

    you don’t have a case , as you can’t prove it was drug induced best get changed to new meds

    hypo is not the worse thing in the world to have all you do is take a tablet thyroxine, which brings you back to normal levelReferences :

  4. Lea

    You can’t sue based off of that. You cannot sue due to a side effect of a medication. You could sue if there was a potential major interaction between the medications. However, that is not the case. If it is drug induced, as soon as you remove the medication, the condition will go away.References : pharmacy student

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