Why Block Fat to Lose Weight with Alli?

Posted by admin on Wednesday 16 September 2009

Making a real difference in your weight If you limit fat intake in your diet, you can make a real difference in your weight, because fat is more calorie-dense than carbs or protein. Just one gram of fat has more than double the calories of the same a…

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  1. Voice

    Do you use a weight loss pill called Alli?My friend was telling me about this product for losing weight… it blocks the fat from being stores and she has lost 22lbs in 3 months… how safe is this product?

    I won’t use it myself bc the treatment effects are really disgusting, she says an oily substance sometimes leak out of her behind.

    What do you think about the product? …would you use it?
    Sterling, I appreciate your honesty… I am not looking to use it I have a friend who I am concerned about who is using it.

  2. Aaron

    Skinny and wearing a diaper


    Fat and not

    Your choice.

    And yes the side effects are true. Believe it.References :

  3. T E

    It’s as safe as any other product out there. You shouldn’t use it for long periods of time. But I think it would just be easier to watch what you eat instead of running to the bathroom all the time. No one wants to poop themselves.References :

  4. michele

    It is much more appealing to most people to cut a little of the fat from their diets themselves than it is to experience anal leakage.

    ~Dr. B.~References :

  5. love10

    It’s FDA approved.
    That’s always a good thing.References :

  6. Jackie D

    that’s nasty. i would much rather be chubby than be insecure about something coming out from my behind.References : ME

  7. Michael K

    Please, do not use unnatural ways of losing weight. Pills is the worst way to go. Besides, i’ll give you the pros and cons:
    – You get results fast

    – The weight will come back once you stop taking it. Because you didn’t change your diet.

    I would never use it in my life. Because most of them have long term consequences that could kill you.

    Just eat very healthy. Eat veggies, fruits, lean meats, and good milk products.
    Cut out all junk food too, and pop.
    Do cardio as well 3-4 times a week, 30-45 minutes a session.
    Good Luck! and I hope I helped.References :

  8. Sterling

    let me tell you i used it…and you think to yourself before you use it like " okay, i can handle any poopy situation no big deal" HELL NO man you basically explode in your underwear you might as well pick up a thing of Huggies diapers while your at it its ridiculous… but it DOES block the fat and i notice di did loose a few pounds in a month… still idk if the bad stomaches and soiling my unders is good..

    NOTE: hey i know i read what you said…i’m just saying to anyone in general i didn’t mean you literally. Just know if you ever had second thoughts this is what your in for!References : tried it..worked but NASTY.

  9. Jonny Dangerously

    lmao that stuff is nasty and you don’t even lose a significant amount of weight. I guarantee that your friend is staying active alongside of taking the pill.
    Basically here’s what it does– it blocks/kills the enzyme lipase that breaks down the fat so your body doesn’t absorb some of it. You’re not getting any nutrients in your blood because you’re crapping it out.
    It only decreases the amount of fat you absorb by I think 20% or so. But you could do that by choosing not to eat it in the first place and not risk sh!tting your pants.

    It could eventually screw up your gallbladder, your body is meant to absorb some fat so that it can distribute the essentials that you need into your blood.

    Also your friends weight loss is not typical, she has to be doing something more than just taking this pill.References :

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